Alisa Volkman: Making Life Connected

The founder of Nerve, Babble and now The Swell, Alisa Volkman is confronting the question of why do we feel so awkward at an age when we should be feeling more grown? She is on a mission to reimagine the language and community surrounding midlife. Her newest venture, The Swell, was just launched when she was confronted with the unfortunate discrepancy between how the marketplace spoke to and about midlife and what midlife actually felt like. We discuss how do we engage in lifelong learning? Build robust community? How do we feel more of ourselves as we are now living longer and healthier than ever.

“The beauty of hitting this life stage is, you have acquired a fair amount of experience and wisdom along the way and so you have the advantage of wisdom and disadvantage of less time left. And the tension between those two things creates a lot of new urgency and discipline.”


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  1. Sounded like a wonderful community. I signed up, paid $480, and was told the membership tier I joined was no longer being offered after a month of waiting to hear something. If you are looking for a real community to connect with and are not a part of the “elite class”, look elsewhere. Very disappointing.


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