Since You Asked: Dating As Dumpster Diving

If you are a certain age and suddenly single, how do you meet people, have fun, and get laid? Since you asked, Susan offers her advice

Hi, everyone. It’s Susan for another week of the Since You Asked show. I am coming to you again from Tampa, Florida. Beautiful Tampa, Florida, where it’s super sunny. Let’s head right into our first question. This comes from a 55-year-old woman who recently became single and is feeling great and ready to get out there. But she’s been off the market for too many years.

I can totally understand. How do you meet people, have fun and get laid? Goodness. Maybe we’ll work our way backward. I have been single, and you may have heard me mention this probably ad nauseum, for a very long time. In my opinion, as a 67-year-old female, I would think meeting people nowadays in 2024 is pretty much the same for most individuals across the board.

Unless someone’s fixing you up, you’re meeting them on a dating app. That’s probably where most people would recommend you starting. Oh, but, girl, it is a little bit like dumpster diving. You are definitely not able to explore too much about what makes up that person on the other end. And one of the things I find is that because it’s so easy to find so many people, you could definitely get laid in a heartbeat if you’ve not been on the market for a while.

And maybe it’s the Cuban Catholic in me, I’ve been laid before or I just don’t know that at this age that’s necessarily the experience I want; I think I want intimacy. I want closeness. And one of the things I’ll talk about, if we can veer off course here for a while, is that you can still get sexually transmitted diseases at a certain age, even though you’re 54.

I’m assuming you’ve been through menopause. Herpes doesn’t pay attention to any age. And I think one of the things in this idea of getting laid is paying attention to safety, because I often find that men are still reluctant to use a condom. God, who wants to wake up at 67 or 68 or 54 and find out you’ve gone your whole life without an STD and then come down with one? Herpes is forever, as they say.

So, something about getting laid really has to put you in the mindset of being very, very, very disciplined. And I think that’s probably the easiest thing, if that’s all you’re looking for. Looking for a close relationship, I often say that at this age we come with steamer trunks of baggage, and so you sort of sort through maybe ex-wives, widows, people who are still in relationships.

I had some guy that asked me out and he had just broken up two weeks before and he had told me he had broken up because he had had too much sex. I wasn’t quite sure I even wanted to know that. I think you let your friends know in case there is somebody in your social circle that you might feel more comfortable going out with.

But in my opinion, I want to get to know this person first; because I still think at this age, it’s really easy to get super excited about somebody who might be cute. It’s almost like you’re 12 again, right? And you’re writing in your notebook, you know, and a heart. “Johnny and me.” But there is so much more to it at this stage.

And like I said, unpacking the baggage that comes with two people. So, goodness, I don’t sound terribly optimistic for this. It’s a lot of work. I think you have to look at some of the dating apps and see if there is one that aligns with you. Finding someone who is romantic and kind and meets you on the same page, especially if you are in the middle of finding yourself all over again or exploring opportunities that you had to wait until you were this age to do, now your kids are grown.

Sometimes you can be intimidating as a woman. That’s my advice. Keep your fingers crossed that maybe in the supermarket, you know, you’ll meet the love of your dreams. I also think you have to be very effusive and kind so that at any moment, we never know, it could be in the gym, right? That you make eye contact with people, that you introduce yourself. You never know. So you’re really putting yourself out there and making a focus on manifesting love. It’s definitely a discipline in itself.

So that’s it for this week. Again, I appreciate all of you watching on YouTube. If you have anything to say about this episode, tell me about what it’s like for you to date at a certain age.

Do you find it is difficult? I try and then I give up and I try and then I give up. I keep thinking when the universe decides that it’s time for me, that it will happen. Have fun. If you want to get laid, go for it. But be safe. You know, you’ve got to practice some of the things we learned when we were youngsters, and even perhaps more so nowadays.

And send me your questions if you have any. Thank you so much for watching. We’ll see you next week. Love you, guys.

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