Who Said Aging Sucks? To Age Is to Be Alive and It Is a Privilege

Aging brings freedom and the chance to give new birth to ourselves. It may be the coolest thing that ever happens to us.

Let’s embrace the newfound freedom age allows. 2023 could be the year when aging becomes the biggest trend and 50+ people become the trendsetters.

Is it more a judgment than truth that it’s boring to age? And does the belief in that judgement actually make it a truth? What if it’s all a big misunderstanding? What if aging is the coolest thing that happened to us, next to giving birth to our children? What if aging is the opportunity to give new birth to ourselves? What if now is the time to become the people we always wanted to be before all of life happened to us?

Sandrine, Golden Age Models

To age and regain my own freedom after 35 years with children is the best thing I’ve ever experienced. When I was 23, I was a mother of two kids; and at the age of 34, there were four of them. After 30 years of raising children, building a career, starting and ending relationships, I’m finally free to do what I want. I never had a chance to be an adult and now I totally embrace all the new opportunities. The sky is the limit; the question is: who do I want to be? What do I want to become? Many people who enter middle age are confused and slightly depressed as kids move out and relationships and work life end. They’re left with a feeling of Now What?

Aging is not only a freedom from family, kids and responsibilities, it’s also a freedom from other people’s judgments. Who cares if I embarrass myself when I’m 55? And what is an embarrassment when you look at it closely?

It’s not at all about trying to be young again. It’s about enjoying the freedom we now have and manifesting our dreams. You don’t grow by having cosmetic surgery and sipping too much wine in the sun. You grow by inquiring into and exploring who you are and what you really want. To stop conforming to norms and rules is our freedom and I feel that with this mindset I welcome every year added. For every year I age I can rebel a bit more, right?

Mats, Golden Age Models

Me and some friends decided to set things right and show you the truth about aging. It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s passionate, and you can do what the f*ck you want if it feels good! We’re old enough not to be told what to do and not do, and if anyone raises an eyebrow, that’s their problem (and their eyebrow).

— Shama Persson, Creative Director and Founder of Golden Age Models

How did we get to the point where a mature body becomes invisible and not worth celebrating? To me, as a photographer, every face and body tells a story. A photoshoot with a 50+ person is a long journey for me, a journey through their emotions and their life experience. It’s also a celebration of the beauty within that comes from being authentic.

— Veronika Szwejk, photographer

Shama, The Who said project

The Who Said project is a collaboration between photographer Veronika Szwejk and Shama Persson, founder of Golden Age Models. Together, with some talented friends from Stockholm’s fashion industry, they arrange photoshoots that show that 50+ can be nonchalant, sexy, provocative and fun. Their vision is to be a counterweight to the increasing ageism in society. By gathering mature people together, they make the beauty and potential of life experience visible.

Learn more about the Who Said project here.

All images are from Golden Age Models.

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  1. Loved this article! I’m going to print it, save it and re-read it over and over! I want to have fun and be my authentic self, and you know what? It doesn’t always come naturally but it’s a goal and I’m working on it. I’ve made my list of fun things to do, so now I just need to move forward and follow through. xoxox

  2. Braviiiiiiii to the Scandinavians!!!!!!! Full of effervescence, energy, creativity, and optimism! Age is merely a number….
    Living FULLY for the NOW.
    Sempre avanti!!!!!

  3. I didn’t wait till my 50s to have the kind of freedom you describe—I was doing all that and feeling that way in my 20s, conscious of my youth and savouring every drop! Don’t ever wait till you’re older to grasp that freedom.


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