Job Posting: Image Editor- Photo Researcher

Interested in joining the AGEIST team? We're looking for an experienced image editor.

AGEIST is looking for an experienced image editor to work with us and one of our clients. You should have a deep knowledge of all forms of imagery from classic photography to art to modem memes — where to source it and how to negotiate the rights.

You probably have spent your life looking at images from magazines, movies, museums, and all forms of culture. 

If we give you a few adjectives to describe a feeling, you are able to find the images that express that feeling through the lens of specific values we give you.

You will be working remotely while staying in close contact with us.

The work will be monthly.

The work will involve developing a collection of images for use in commercial and non-commercial channels.

Your sources will be the usual stock houses, but also the entire range of human culture. That’s a lot of pictures, but since this is your thing, you can handle it just fine.

Send your resume, letters, social to careers@weareageist.com


  1. Hello David,

    I am a creative director for an ad agency and have been a creative professional for almost 30 years. I am also a photographer. I’m involved in image research and retouching weekly, if not daily. I love what you guys are doing with AGEIST, and would love to be involved. I just have a couple of qualifying questions for you about this role. First of all, you mentioned that this is monthly, but is it a full-time position? And secondly, do you have any set numbers on what you’ve budgeted for this role? I’m in a slightly transitional time in my career (as many of us find ourselves in our 50’s), so I’m open to new directions and possibilities. Any additional insight would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,


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David Stewart
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