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CrossRope: The $99 Jump Rope. Is It Worth It?

CrossRope is a weighted jump rope with its own app. Is it worth the price? We put it to the test to find out...

We recently received a package from CrossRope with a couple of handles and 2 weighted ropes. These are not your average jump ropes — this is what a jump rope would look like if Steve Jobs designed them.

Jumping rope is a tremendous cardio training exercise, along with being a great footwork training tool. There is a reason boxers use them. Personally, I am not a big jump roper. Mostly because I was just never that good at it. The ropes would tangle, I would hit my feet with it, and I could never do it for long before something went wrong. I felt like a klutz.

These CrossRope jump ropes are different in a number of ways. The handles, as compared to the cheap Amazon ones I have used, are on another level. They feel great and the rope spins nicely. The main difference, though, is in the rope itself — it is weighted. There are different weights of ropes that are easily changed in the handles.

Weighted Jump Rope, Seemingly Impossible to Tangle

My package came with a 1/4 lb and a 1/2 lb rope. They appear to be steel cables covered in a vinyl sheath. They feel solid, and seem impossible to tangle. While using them, it is the weight that makes a huge difference. My favorite was the 1/2 lb rope. The weight causes much more of my body to be engaged while using it. I can feel my shoulders and core working in a way that normal jump roping doesn’t do. The weight also makes it much easier to keep a rhythm going. My speed is less pro-boxer level and more akin to jogging — I am not doing tricks with it, yet. The consistency of the speed with which it revolves around my body is what makes the difference. Having that 1/2 lb of momentum makes it much easier to use.

The lighter 1/4 lb rope is faster and less tiring on the rest of my body. I could see this as being good for endurance or speed work.

There is also an app that one can subscribe to. I’m not sure if one needs an app to jump rope, a Spotify mix seems like it would do the job, but not having used the app, who knows, maybe it completely elevates the experience.

The big question is, do we really need a $99 jump rope? Having used the product for a few days now, there is something addicting about it. Maybe it is the way it instills confidence in my less-than-stellar technique. I find that I look forward to using it. It is enjoyable, which is not something I would say about my past jump rope experiences.

The Pro: Easily changeable ropes. Quality build. The weighted ropes make a mediocre jump roper into a much better one. Good product to add to the home gym or fitness travel kit.

The Cons: The kit costs $99. But if you want a great jump rope, this is for you.

Buy here.

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