Exploring Copenhagen: A Chic Escape

Copenhagen offers excellent design, art, dining and shopping. We have the intel on the best places to go, and where to stay in style.

Copenhagen, the charismatic Danish capital, is currently enjoying a moment in the spotlight, and for excellent reasons. This city is more than just a geographical location; it’s an experience, a lifestyle, and a vibrant mix of history, modernity, and design. As you step into this Nordic city, be prepared to be taken by its scenic beauty, chic fashion, and way of life.

One of Copenhagen’s most striking features is its ease of access; this is the anti Los Angeles. The city boasts a well-designed and modern, clean, metro system, making it easy to get around, or you can embrace the local lifestyle by hopping on a bike or simply walking through the streets, immersing yourself in the rhythm of the city. In the summer, it was a common sight to see chic women of all ages in silk skirts and Birkenstocks on bikes epitomizing Copenhagen’s signature style effortlessly.

The city becomes incredibly serene after 6 pm; streets quiet down with locals enjoying the coziness of their homes. This calmness sets the stage for early, intimate dinners and, if you prefer to eat a bit later, it makes getting an 8 pm reservation a lot easier than in most major cities. 

Given the city’s unpredictable weather, it’s best to adopt a layered-wardrobe strategy, ensuring you’re prepared for all four seasons in a single day; a common phenomenon during the summer months.

Where to Stay

Hotel Sanders is well-designed by Lind and Almond. If you can’t stay here, have lunch or drinks at one of the tables in front of the hotel. Great for people watching and enjoying good weather. 

  • Trip Advisor: $$$
  • Current nightly rate: $477
Courtesy of Hotel Sanders 

Hotel Joanne is comfortable, well priced, has a welcoming restaurant in the hotel and is near the Copenhagen Central Metro Station. 

  • Trip Advisor: $$
  • Current nightly rate: $135
Photo courtesy of Hotel Joanne.

SAS Radisson Royal Copenhagen 

Built in 1960, it is called the world’s first design hotel and is the only hotel by designer and architect Arne Jacobsen, one of the most famous players in Danish design history, making it the true home of Danish modernism. The hotel was restored in 2018 by Space Copenhagen in a well-done refresh. ​​

  • Trip Advisor: $$
  • Currently nightly rate: $163
Photo courtesy of The SAS Radisson


Copenhagen’s culinary scene stands as a testament to innovation and creativity, with restaurants that have set global standards. Noma, renowned for elevating gastronomy to an art form, has inspired a generation of chefs in Copenhagen. 

Photo courtesy of Noma.

One favorite spot is Sanchez, founded by a Chicago native who honed her skills at Noma before opening her own restaurant. There are 3 locations, but go to the Vesterbro location and don’t miss the cabbage taco. 

Photo courtesy of Sanchez.

Bottega Barlie is a chic all-day cafe. Book ahead for dinner and, if it’s a beautiful day, sit outside for great food and great people-watching on a lively corner. 

Photo courtesy of Bottega Barlie.

Barabba features authentic flavors presented in a modern way in the middle of town and is open late. A couple of young Italians run this lively spot.

Photo courtesy of Barabba.

Other restaurants on our list to try: Høst, Paté Paté, Keyser Social, and Restaurant Alouette

Photo courtesy of Høst.


Copenhagen is home to many good Danish furniture and fashion brands, so bring an extra suitcase for shopping and be prepared to either move to Copenhagen or redecorate your current home. 

Magasin du Nord, an iconic department store founded in 1868, offers a quintessential Danish fashion experience. 

Photo courtesy of Magasin du Nord.

Other notable stops for fashion include Ganni, Norse Projects Mens, and Rains, each offering of-the-moment fashion. 

Garde Hvalsøe. You may not be shopping for a kitchen but it’s still a good idea to go and get inspired by what a beautiful new iteration of a kitchen can look like. 

Photo courtesy of Garde Hvalsøe.

Other shops are Ark books, Audo and Frama

Photo courtesy of Ark Books.


Finn Juhl’s home, an architectural masterpiece, showcases an exquisite use of color and space, offering insight into the mind of a visionary architect. 

Photo courtesy of Finn Juhl’s home.

The Louisiana Museum, nestled in a breathtaking location, promises an unforgettable experience, even if the journey might require a bit of investment.

Photo courtesy of Louisiana Museum.

For some fun and excitement, there is an amusement park in the middle of town. I didn’t go, but some of the locals talked about going for the regular evening concerts

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