The Italian Grandmother Master Class in Pasta. Nonna Live with AGEIST, Virtual Cooking Experience

The perfect comfort combination: pasta and cooking with grandmother. Join Nonna Live for a virtual pasta-making class.

We’re dreaming about fresh pasta, lavender fields, and copious amounts of red wine in the Italian countryside. Until we can get back to Italy, we are bringing Italy to you. We can fill our hearts and bellies with good old-fashioned love, Italian grandmother-style. Sì, per favore!

Introducing Nonna Live with AGEIST: We’ve Pre-Reserved Your Spot

Starting today, we are going live with the most amazing network of Italian grandmothers who have agreed to share their secrets with us. Don’t miss our first two lessons: Saturday, May 9 and Sunday, May 10.

We’ve been told that once you try handmade pasta you will never go back. Each month, 84-year-old Italian grandmother Nonna Nerina, her granddaughter Chiara, and grandmothers across Italy will teach us how to make handmade pasta, giving you access to generations of grandma expertise.

Once you try handmade pasta you will never go back!

May 9 and May 10: Virtual cooking experience with Nonna Giuseppina (from the oldest pasta-making family in Italy)

Saturday May 9 @ 10am PST // 1pm EST // 7pm Italy

Sunday May 10 @ 10am PST // 1pm EST // 7pm Italy 

In this 2-hour live-streaming experience, we go to the Amalfi Coast to learn from Nonna Giuseppina and her daughter, Amelia Cuomo, of the oldest pasta-making family in Italy. Located in Gragnano (a small village south of Naples and just nearby Sorrento), a town famous for its pasta.

The Intel

  1. Claim your seat. Use the code AGEIST for 30% off. I’m going! It will be fun! Let’s fill Nonna’s kitchen.

Saturday May 9 @ 10am PST // 1pm EST // 7pm Italy

Sunday May 10 @ 10am PST // 1pm EST // 7pm Italy

2. A week before your class, you’ll receive a shopping list of ingredients to buy and a link to an Amazon storefront for any utensils you may need., and some of her favorite wine pairings. They’re keeping it simple; Nonna is in quarantine, too.

3. Ask Nonna!: Have a pre-class question for Nonna? Send it to us. We prefer it to be about cooking, but if you need other grandmotherly advice, just ask.


Saluti from the family kitchen!


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