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On Love Languages and the Multi-Generational Appeal of Miley Cyrus

How the buzziest video of 2023 is a style and anthemic moment. Sheri Radel Rosenberg unpacks the fashion in Miley's “Flowers”

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and though the annual Hallmark lovefest holds special meaning to me (my valentine and I will celebrate 20 years wed on February 15th), it is a bit of a tricky holiday for those who are single, either by choice or by circumstance. I have never been a traditional romantic in the Hallmark sense, though I could eat my weight in those candy hearts. For me, and I can only assume many of you reading here, February 14th is a bit of an eye-roller. So, as I sat here thinking about a style post for V-Day (the obvious what-to-wear-to-dinner post or a red thread round-up), I felt a bit underwhelmed.

But then I thought about the idea of love languages. Mine is decisiveness but also Miley. As in Cyrus. Had you told me that this former preteen idol would win my heart, I would have hit you with a hard case of Gen X side-eye. But grown-up, 30-year-old Miley is an entirely different tale. I am so obsessed with her style, vibe, and fierce femininity, and I also hold her current age in high esteem. I tell all my younger gals that 30 is the year when everything starts to click. I look back on that time of life as essential to my growth and, incidentally, I met my husband two weeks after I turned 30, and the rest is history.

And speaking of history, women of all shapes, sizes, and age groups love an anthem. From Beyoncé to Whitney to Chaka Khan and beyond, female empowerment deserves a moment in the sun and a sing-along beat we can dance to in our kitchens. According to Forbes, Miley’s recent hit “Flowers” is an instant classic and the most downloaded song on Spotify over a week since 2021. The general gist of the song is that Ms. Miley, in a nod to her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, does not need a man to love her or to buy her flowers. 

But besides the catchy song, that wardrobe in the video is next level. And according to Hello! Magazine, online searches for “black lingerie sets” went up more than 400 percent in the week following the song’s Jan. 13 release. So without further ado, let’s unpack this fantastic video from a fashion perspective and show you all three looks that are super badass and Valentine’s Day friendly, no matter how you choose to celebrate or with whom.

First, a gold lamé look. The video opens with Miley walking around LA in a fantastic vintage Saint Laurent gold dress from 1991. It’s super sexy and over the top, and I love gold attire more than most. I spotted this jumpsuit from Electric Feathers that is spendy but so amazing and captures the vibe of the video perfectly. Love. Or this shirt dress from Norma Kamali is pretty great, too.

Second, that black bra and underwear set. This part of the video is an homage to Miley’s insane body and, though I have never done a workout in a La Perla set, it sure was hot to see a woman wear lingerie just for her. And though my super girly lingerie may be over (that’s just me), I do love the simplicity of a set from my fav lingerie brand, CUUP. Lauren Hutton recently modeled for the brand at 78, so they are age-positive and chic. This black mesh bra with this high-waisted bottom is subtle but oh-so-sexy. Dance around your home wearing this if you want. Bonus points if nobody’s watching.

Third, an oversized tuxedo. THIS. OMG. Would any of us ever wear a black tux undone without a shirt? Probably not. But this 2022 Saint Laurent tux on Miley girl is as major as her dance moves. A black tux on a woman is another favorite look of mine, and though Saint Laurent is out of reach, this vibe from Mango is good stuff, as is this blazer and pant from COS. One day, I will buy myself flowers and also a custom tuxedo made just for me.

And before you ambush me in the comments, I’m not the only woman of a certain age loving this video. Check out Diane Keaton dancing in her garden as an homage to Miley. This song has broad multi-generational appeal, and even though I have a wonderful man who buys me flowers on Valentine’s Day, I also like to buy them for myself, and I think all of you should do the same no matter your age or stage, and do so in style.

So, make like Miley and love language yourself better than anyone can. Big kiss.

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Sheri Radel Rosenberghttps://unapologeticstyle.substack.com/
Sheri Radel Rosenberg is a Philly-born, Brooklyn-based writer who explores style, beauty, culture, and midlife with wit, warmth, and wisdom. Her story includes successful forays in the worlds of trend forecasting, ad agency photo production, ghostwriting, and strategic messaging development for fashion and beauty brands - all while amassing a slip dress collection that would make any Gen Xer proud. At the dawn of social media, Sheri launched her personal blog–which combines her passion for writing with her style obsession–and she hasn’t looked back. As Style Editor for the AGEIST, she’s inspired by the styles of the 70s and the 90s, along with all the beautiful people she sees daily in NYC.


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