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Homing the Home From Kate Jones of At Liberty Studios HK

Kate Jones shares her tips for a comfortable, well-designed home including some of the best smaller makers from which to buy

Kitchen Accessories

Take a good look at what kitchen items you’re using every day and rearrange your kitchen space to keep these at easy reach. Then review if they really make you feel good about using them. There are a few things that I invest in that I use every day coming from fantastic makers that really make me happy! 

Tea Towels from Chiarastella Cattana

– Tea Towels by Chiarastella Cattana

– Pour-over ceramic cover by Gidon Bing (I use filter from MUJI — cheap and really good)

Wooden bowls and boards from BCMT of Kingston, NY

Chopping Boards by BCMT

NHB Knife works of Maplewood MO

– Knives by NHB KnifeWorks


Invest in smart bulbs and take the time to create settings for all the things you love to do. For example, I have settings for evening wind down, movie night, early morning yoga, and our household is always on alert for disco mode! 

Bathroom Bits

Again, clear out all the crap! What do you actually use? Do you walk out of the shower feeling and smelling amazing? Update your bathroom with a few quality items that you will enjoy. My picks are a hinoki stool perfect for leg shaving or holding bathroom essentials, dry brushes from Iris Hantverk which can hang with my towels and look beautiful as well as being useful, and Sans[ceuticals] bathroom and hair products which mean I don’t worry about what’s going down the drain and make me feel and smell amazing. 

Baea bedding


The most important place in the house! Invest in bed linen that will last well and make you bliss out every time you hop into bed. My key pick is Baea — the essential collection is my go-to. For the next month, there is a 10% on Baea by using the code AGEIST at checkout.

Surround yourself with nature — whether a hanging plant in a corner or bud vase on your side table. Purchase a great little carafe with glass for water next to the bed. Select a smell for your room that will wind you down — I light the smokeless incense from Bodha every morning and night. For the next month, there is a 10% on Bodha by using the code AGEIST at checkout.

Surround Yourself With Items That Hold Value

It’s important to surround ourselves with items that hold value. You see this in products that are made with love, support a community — they will provide the same for you in your day to day. It’s not often (if ever) I walk out of a mass-produced chain store and feel amazing about my purchase. But the items I’ve purchased from smaller makers bring me continuous joy and provide great stories. 

Born in New Zealand and based in Asia for the past 15 yrs, Kate works as a Visual Narrator and Creative Consultant curating retail spaces, homes and hotels for clients as varied as NET-A-PORTER & MR PORTER, Rosewood Hotels, TUMI and the Ritz-Carlton. Currently based in Hong Kong, she develops projects in places as varied as Japan and Xian, China. In addition to her company At Liberty Studio, Kate runs get.give, an online retail store born from her passion for craft, storytelling, arts and minimalist living. http://www.at-liberty.com/

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