Mary Ann Elizabeth’s Beauty Routine

Model Mary Ann Elizabeth shares her beauty routine which starts from the inside out: health and happiness play as significant a role as organic, chemical-free products.

AGEIST: What is your daily skincare routine, morning + evening?

Mary Ann Elizabeth: I firmly believe daily skincare starts from the inside out! Good hydration and good nutrition is key to radiant skin. I start my day with fresh cold-pressed juice. I switch up ingredients, but fresh ginger root is a staple for its antioxidant properties that prevent free-radical damage. It also evens skin tone and improves elasticity. By the way, both ingesting ginger and applying it topically have major pro-aging benefits. I also like to use fresh lemon, celery, carrots — generally, foods rich in vitamin C and A. I also take a high-quality collagen supplement.

Typically I never wash my face in the morning. Instead, I massage with raw organic sesame oil — sometimes I will switch it up with a favorite, Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil — working into my face, neck and décolleté. In the evening I use a gentle cleanser like Proven Skin Care or if I have been on set and need to remove a lot of makeup I use a cleansing oil such as DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, made with organic olive oil. Most importantly, I never go to sleep wearing a trace of makeup and switch off use between a light percentage retinol or glycolic. I’ve recently been using a Night Repair Cream from Proven Skin Care.

AGEIST: How do you feel about sunblock? Do you have a favorite?

ME: I am from the era of slathering yourself head to toe in baby oil or a smelly mixture of olive oil and vinegar and, for good measure, holding reflector boards, all while sitting on top of a black tar roof overlooking the cityscape to achieve that St. Tropez-looking beach tan. It is no small miracle my skin survived my youth! So YES to sunscreen! I am all about damage control. Sunblock is very important to me; I wear it daily, all seasons, every day. Favorites are those formulated without: sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, triclocarban. I like Supergoop and Vive Sana. Supergoop also has a Defense Refresh Setting Mist to apply over makeup to protect throughout the day.

AGEIST: What is your favorite makeup line? Anything special you look for?

ME: One of the best aspects to my job is having an opportunity to work with incredibly talented makeup artists. I learn so much from them regarding products and techniques. But in my day-to-day I generally do not wear a lot of makeup. I look for products that are safe to use on my skin. The Beautycounter is an amazing resource. Usually my quick look is a bit of coverage; I like Clarins Skin Illusions — also has added SPF and feels weightless, a dab of Glossier Cloud Paint on my cheeks. I am also a fan of Lash Slick mascara. Laneige makes a Lip Sleeping Mask that I use as day moisture and a gloss — enhances natural lip color beautifully. A little glow to brow and cheek bone with Beautycounter Illuminating Cream Highlighter and I am good to face the world!

AGEIST: What’s your feeling about facials?

ME: In the hands of a skilled aesthetician, professional facials can be great. But I mask and exfoliate throughout the week at home too. One of my weekly go-to treatments for purifying and deep cleaning pores is an inexpensive, but highly effective mixture of Aztec clay and apple cider vinegar.

AGEIST: How often do you get your hair cut? Any advice on haircuts?

ME: Usually I get a cut every 6-8 weeks. Not sure what advice to offer on haircuts besides going to someone you like and trust, be in an inviting space; it should feel relaxing and hopefully you leave with the best hair day.

AGEIST: What is your haircare routine? Anything change for you in the last few years?

ME: My haircare routine is similar to my skincare in that I believe less is more. Since I stopped coloring 4 years ago, my hair feels like hair instead of hay; it has regained health and fullness! I try not to wash my hair too often. My stylist introduced me to New Wash which is like not washing. Added bonus: they give back to the planet, donating 1% of each order towards water-focused organizations. When I do wash, especially if I have been working in heat and/or a lot of styling products have been applied to my hair, I have a few products I favor such as Prose customized haircare; it is made to order in NYC tailored to your personal haircare needs. I also like Klorane non-purple to keep my silver shiny. Adding extra conditioning with natural coconut oil, Shea Moisture makes a nice mask too.

AGEIST: As you age, is there anything different you are doing, or think you will have to do in the future?

ME: Pertaining to my daily skincare, I can’t say how my needs will change in the future. My intention is to age naturally. I do not use Botox or fillers; my goal is to look my best through living a healthy lifestyle: lots of great nutrition, exercise and love!

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