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Travel can be hard on our bodies. Travel by Stamba is a supplement that can help soothe our tummies and help us find balance.

Travel-Tummy Savior

There are those whose tummy travels well, and those whose doesn’t. Mine is in the category of doesn’t. Especially after an overnight flight. There are many schools of thought on how best to avoid stomach distress while traveling, from not eating anything on the plane (your system can’t digest it) to eating only high-liquid foods (like cucumbers and juices) while flying.

I swear by Travel, from Stamba superfoods. I tested it on a recent hardworking trip in India (no Delhi belly), and again on a fast-paced assignment in Argentina (no jet lag). On both trips, I also had loads of steady energy, without all the ups and downs that can come with changing time zones and eating all kinds of new foods you are not used to digesting.

What’s in it? A potent combo of camu camu, maca, cordyceps, green papaya, ginger, black currant, reishi, maitake, and acai that you start taking a day or so before you travel. It offers support for immunity and digestion, increased sleep-cycle adaptability, and extra energy. 

How it works: Adaptogens and antioxidants from rainforest fruits, and medicinal mushrooms help strengthen internal defenses and adaption to new time zones. Papaya enzymes and ginger lessen motion sickness and aid in kick-starting healthy digestion.

Travel also comes in a lovely dark glass bottle, though the glass is the only thing that’s surprisingly not so travel-friendly (I shake my Travel into a Ziploc before a flight).  

Just out, the Stamba Travel Kit, which includes Travel plus a new liquid probiotic, Replenish, which promises to raises the bar for digestion, mood and skin health. As an extra incentive, Stamba will donate $20 of every Travel Kit purchase to their philanthropic, good-for-the-planet-and-its-people partners: The Pachamama alliance and the PRASAD projects.

Feel good. Do good.



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Patricia Garcia-Gomez
Patricia Garcia-Gomez is a writer and artist working with visual media and sound. She is the editor of Travel by Ageist and a contributor to the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and The Private Journal (Europe). Her work is also part of the permanent archives of the Tate Modern, the Museum of Arts & Design in New York, the Buhl Collection, and The Harwood Museum in New Mexico.


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