Homing the Home: Fancy Desk Edition

Need a work-from-home space worthy of a Ridley Scott hero? This desk by Jason Miller for De La Espada is the key.

Having been sequestered at home, off and on since March this year, we have noticed that people are taking their home improvements seriously these days. From weekend painting projects to assembling work-from-home spaces for the long term to more ambitious projects like buying a new home or undertaking big renovations that have been put off for years, they are going at the home with a gusto formerly aimed at more outward-facing activities. With less money spent on new items for our wardrobes and travel, people are calling their contractors and upgrading furniture around the house that may have been an unnoticed irritation for years. It seems even the fashion crowd has noticed: we hear Jenna Lyons, ex of J Crew who recently designed a hotel, is rumored to be doing a furniture range. 

Retro Meets the Future

The Elliot Desk by Jason Miller, founder of our favorite lighting company Roll & Hill, for furniture brand De La Espada caught our eye this week. The desk is something you want to look at, and is a place to make big plans for, I don’t know, maybe the 2nd half of 2021? It has this feeling of retro meets the future — he references the past and makes it look like an elegant future and does all this in a way that is super beautiful. Eye candy for the home.

The desk is made by the fine craftspeople at the De La Espada factory in Portugal which, side note, we recently learned is powered by solar panels. The Elliot Desk is available to order at The Future Perfect, and comes in a number of timber options, finishes and colors. We rather like the combination of walnut and bay color paint that is shown in the image. Should you want to think big things at a desk worthy of a Ridley Scott hero, this is your fancy desk. 


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