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Five Shoe Trends to Fixate on This Summer and Beyond: Meet Your New Favorite Footwear

If you're looking to up your post-lockdown shoe game, Sheri Radel Rosenberg has you covered from flats to sandals to sneakers.

As we re-emerge into our so-called regular lives, is it time to start thinking about shoes?

Fact: I was halfway to my dry cleaners the other day when I realized I was still in my bedroom slippers. This working from home thing has repercussions when it comes to stepping outside. And having recently penned a piece about the shelf life of stilettos, shoes are very much top of mind. And fortunately for those of us who don’t dig a heel, we have options as we continue to seek comfort from our wardrobes and our footwear.

Flats With Sass

I spotted these on The Cut the other day and fell in love. I’m a huge ballerina-flat fan, and these felt fancy enough to wear to dinner with one of my beloved jumpsuits or a pretty skirt. One of my favorite options for fancy flats these days is Frances Valentine.  With a variety of flats that are feminine and fun, they have my number. I’m partial to these bubble gum pink Mary Janes. I’m obsessed and find these go well from bed to breakfast in Brooklyn. Incidentally, I love pink because it’s punk rock. Think about it.

Classic Kicks

And no comfortable shoe post would be complete without a sneaker shout-out. I took the subway for the first time in a minute the other day and can report that New Yorkers are passionate sneaker wearers. I know the perception is SJP in a tutu and Manolos, but many of us are sneaker-clad and ready to break into a run at any moment, so heels are just not happening.

This summer, I’m digging a preppy sneaker to capitalize on the preppy trend that is pervasive in fashion. I’m down from Rowing Blazers popish-preppy-to-the-country-club vibe of tennis logos dominating everything from sweaters to ball caps. I’m obsessed with my Stan Smith classics (which are now made more sustainably, featuring recyclable materials on the upper) and the zillions of style options they provide, and I am contemplating that ultimate preppy shoe from my childhood, the humble canvas Tretorn. So good with everything from shorts to sundresses. And if preppy is not your vibe, this Khaite Adidas collab feels fresh and sleek in navy or ecru, while you surely can’t go wrong with a classic Van slip-on. They are a summer staple.

Clunky But Cool

Here in my nabe of Brooklyn, the Birkenstock is pervasive. I own several pairs and wear them with everything. But if you want to up the ante when it comes to a cool clunky shoe, I’m declaring the JW Anderson chain slide the hit of the season. I’m partial to this grey pair.

P.S. Your husband won’t get them, and that’s ok.

’70s Vibes

Also, I can’t help but have a bit of boho in my closet for summer style. I love a flowy frock, and any kind of ’70s silhouette is so up my alley. That’s why this J.Crew clog-like number is so good. I love them in white or in the navy. Think upgraded Dr. Scholl vibes. And you can’t go wrong with a classic flat sandal like these. I love the brown (the blue is cool, too) when wearing all white. Super chic.


A Transcendent Loafer

As for fall (yea, I know, but hear me out), consider splurging on a sturdy loafer from my new obsession, FE Castleberry. He’s incredibly preppy, bespoke, cheeky, and beyond fabulous. This custom lug sole loafer is custom made in the UK and is just what the doctor ordered. I can see them with cropped wool trousers, rolled-up jeans, black tights, and a short skirt. Divine.

One foot fetish I’m not super down with graced my Instagram feed the other night from a brand called Pashion. It’s a shoe that is both flat and heel all at once. The heels detach so you can have a flat. I’m all for multitasking, but no, thank you. I like shoes that are either flat or heeled, not both. They remind me of those travel pants with detachable legs that turn into shorts. No way, José.

And there you have it, and happy shoe shopping. From sassy to classic to funky, you do you. Can you kick it? Yes, you can.

See medical disclaimer below. ↓


  1. In the NyTimes today there is an story of the comeback of high heels. Apparently Monolos will be going to new heights – five freaking inches for those with excellent balance and an orthopedist on call. The NY girls are out and about in their heels once again; sick of pandemic gym shoes. I like your oh so pink Mary Janes – very cute and pink is the best! I like wearing heels but fell in love with my Allbirds Tree Dashers…oh so cute ( have two colors) and comfy!…Check them out.


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