Susan Guidi

Susan Guidi has been the owner of Advanced Ultrasound Services for more than 25 years. She is a pioneer in diagnostic ultrasound technology. Susan trained at John Hopkins Hospital. She taught some of the first courses in ultrasound in Chile and then received her master’s degree in Paris, France. She is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 7. In her spare time Susan is a standup comedian and improv artist. At 65 she became a bodybuilder and motivational speaker. Last year at 66 she produced, wrote and performed her One Woman Show, "What if Wonder Woman was 66."

Since You Asked: Menopause and Weight Gain

Dear Susan,As a woman gracefully entering menopause, I’ve somehow managed to acquire an extra 60 lbs of extra weight. I am eager to reacquaint myself with my health and finally shed these pounds, but I don’t want to take Ozempic! Help with this menopause and weight gain!! Dear Lost in...

Since You Asked: Fulfillment and Excitement? 

Dear Susan,I retired early (at 56). I am now divorced and an empty nester. Quite frankly, I am bored! Can you give me any cool ideas to find new sources of fulfillment? Sincerely,A Bored Dreamer Dear Bored Dreamer,Midlife Renaissance – that exhilarating moment when the world opens up before you like a...

Since You Asked: My 95-Year-Old Mom Is Hoarding

Dear Susan,My mom is 95 and borderline hoarding. How do I help without causing chaos? Dear Drowning in Clutter,Oh boy, have I seen a lot of this, and it can be tough. Let's approach your mom with love and patience. Remember that, to her, these objects she has accumulated could very...