The Art of Becoming a Better Problem Solver

The Art of Becoming a Better Problem Solver

Art historian Amy Herman makes the case in her new book, Fixed. How to Perfect the Fine Art of Problem Solving, that studying and observing art can make us better problem solvers. In fact, she teaches professionals like lawyers, engineers, & detectives how “to read paintings as a way to improve their analytical faculties.” How does that work? By noticing. She encourages fighting “the impulse to pick up our mobile devices and to pause long enough to ruminate on the details of a visual spectacle before us.” Herman explains that really sitting with the art in front of you and noticing its nuances “inspires and refreshes critical inquiry and that same model will be applied to when confronting problems in need of solutions.” So, next time you’re at a museum, spend more than what the average museum goer spends in front of a work, which is less than 30 seconds. 


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