Rejuvenate Bio’s Gene Therapy to Reverse Aging

Rejuvenate Bio’s Gene Therapy to Reverse Aging

A Harvard startup, Rejuvenate Bio, secured over $10M in April to tackle age-related conditions with a single injection — and it’s experimenting on age reversal with dogs. They have a big goal that they are hoping to accomplish: “eliminate aging and age-related diseases and increase health-span by creating full age reversal gene therapies.” According to Rejuvenate Bio, “Aging is the single largest risk factor for many chronic conditions” and they believe that our current approach to intervening is the wrong one as it focuses on individual problems while ignoring the interconnectedness of our system. Rejuvenate Bio is focusing on a holistic approach to aging by using modalities like gene therapy which involves altering an organism’s DNA to reverse aging. If the experiments prove successful in our canine friends, the next step will be human trials. [1]

[1] Rejuvenate Bio

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