Combatting Prolonged Sitting

Combatting Prolonged Sitting

Many of us work jobs that require us to be at a desk for many hours at a time. You may wonder how this is impacting your health, and how to combat the potentially negative health outcomes that come from prolonged sitting. Even if you are regularly exercising, sitting for long periods of time is simply not good for your health. A new study from Columbia University poses a simple solution: “just five minutes of walking every half hour during periods of prolonged sitting can offset some of the most harmful effects.” The study tested 5 different exercise options: “one minute of walking after every 30 minutes of sitting, one minute after 60 minutes; five minutes every 30; five minutes every 60; and no walking.” The study found that the optimal amount is five minutes every 30 minutes. So, set your timer and get up every 30 minutes to walk around your house, up and down your stairs, or do a quick lap around the block. 


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