Should We Take Probiotics When We’re On Antibiotics?

Should We Take Probiotics When We’re On Antibiotics?

Have you ever been on antibiotics and wondered if you should be taking a probiotic along with it to help keep your gut healthy? The first-ever systematic review investigated this question. The study found that “taking probiotics alongside antibiotics can protect against some of the negative impacts of antibiotics on the human gut microbiome.” A good way to think about our microbiomes is explained by Dr. Elisa Marroquin: “Like in a human community, we need people that have different professions because we don’t all know how to do every single job. And so the same happens with bacteria. We need lots of different gut bacteria that know how to do different things.” She goes on to say, “When participants take antibiotics, we see several consistent changes in some bacterial species. But when treatment was combined with probiotics, the majority of those changes were less pronounced and some changes were completely prevented.” So, next time you’re put on antibiotics, take a high quality probiotic in tandem. 


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