High Protein Diet & Cardiovascular Health

High Protein Diet & Cardiovascular Health

Protein has a dual reputation in the world of nutrition. On one hand, nutrition experts advocate for its increased consumption on a daily basis. Conversely, there are self-proclaimed health gurus who argue that it can lead to kidney problems and a shorter lifespan. It’s important to note that these claims about kidney issues and a reduced lifespan lack credible scientific backing.

A recent study has added to the discourse by revealing that high-protein diets do not appear to heighten the risk of cardiovascular disease. This comprehensive research involved the examination of the health outcomes of over 200,000 participants over several years. The findings didn’t establish a direct link between protein intake and adverse cardiovascular health or stroke. The concerns associated with high-protein diets are often intertwined with other factors, such as excessive saturated fat consumption, highlighting that protein itself may not be the primary culprit.


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Taylor Marks is a certified holistic health coach and professionally trained chef from The Institute of Culinary Education. Her passions include the latest research in health science, culinary arts, holistic wellness, and guiding others towards feeling their best.