Format: Elysium’s New Supplement for the Aging Immune System

Format: Elysium’s New Supplement for the Aging Immune System

Elysium Health has just created a new product, Format, to support the aging immune system. We like it because it is cost-efficient and effective in that it has consolidated a number of supplements many of us have been taking — the fewer pills I take for the same effectiveness the better. Format consists of two parts: “a daily immunomodulatory supplement with an intermittent senolytic complex to target the effects of immune aging at the cellular level.” 

“Even though we know they have different needs, we treat immune systems of all ages the same way. What happens to your immune system over time? Some of your cells decline in function but linger in the body and can contribute to inflammation at the cellular level, a bit like trash that needs to be taken out.

This accumulation of senescent cells can be problematic and may contribute to a drop in overall immune function: you become less able to handle stressors like you used to. Recent research has shown that senescent immune cells even have the ability to accelerate systemic aging in mice. (To date there is not yet evidence that this animal study can be extrapolated to humans.)” 

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