Fasting to Delay Age-Related Issues

Fasting to Delay Age-Related Issues

It seems a fact of life that as we age, certain physical and mental functions begin to weaken or halt altogether. However, that isn’t stopping the medical community from innovating and discovering ways we can delay these events and add years to our healthspan. A study published in “Aging” explores the use of fasting to improve age related issues. What the study found was that in mice at the equivalent age to our 60-65 years old, “2.5 months of EOD (every other day) fasting reduced overall caloric intake, hypothalamic inflammatory gene expression, and frailty in male, but not female, mice.” Cognitive function in male mice also improved. Finally, the study found that “EOD fasting when started relatively late in life still improved overall health of male study subjects and trigged similar CGL/H2S responses as in younger cohorts.” 

This was done with mice subjects so what is next for this study? They are interested in exploring why EOD fasting had positive health results for male mice and not female mice.

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