Alcohol and Reduced Brain Size

Alcohol and Reduced Brain Size
concept of balance between the brain and alcohol. 3d rendering

One glass of wine a night can’t hurt, right? Wrong. A recent study of over 36,000 adults led by the University of Pennsylvania found that “light-to-moderate alcohol consumption was associated with reductions in overall brain volume.” Drinking also has an impact on how we age. As the article explains, increasing “from two to three alcohol units at the same age was like aging three and a half years.” Regarding brain health, increasing “from zero to one alcohol units didn’t make much of a difference in brain volume, but going from one to two or two to three units a day was associated with reductions in both gray and white matter.” Beyond these health risks that alcohol consumption causes, it can also have aesthetic consequences. Alcohol is dehydrating which can cause dehydrated skin leading to sagging or wrinkles.


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