John Tarnoff

I’m a reinvention career coach, speaker, and bestselling author who connects people over 50 to their inner calling, and helps them transform their work lives into meaningful, purposeful, and sustainable. second act-careers. Fired 39% over 35 year career as a media/entertainment exec, I learned how to turn setbacks into successes I reinvented my own career at 50, earning a master’s degree in psychology to focus on professional development and training.

Your Resume Won’t Get You Hired

Our career columnist,  John Tarnoff is here with this month's insights on winning strategies for landing a job. Struggling with a Job Search? The common threads in this month's career-related comments on the AGEIST group reflect the sense of desperation, frustration, and anger people our age experience navigating the job search...

John Tarnoff: Age Discrimination – The Latest from the Barricades

Hi, AGEIST readers, it’s John Tarnoff, your second-act-career Dear Abby. There’s been a lot of discussion recently about the Age Discrimination Employment Act, and whether it’s doing its job when it comes to age discrimination. Like the majority of employees it is designed to protect, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act is...

John Tarnoff: How do I reinvent myself?

Getting Past the AI Firewall, How to Reinvent a Career and What Are My Skills? Hi, AGEIST readers, it’s John Tarnoff, your second-act-career Dear Abby. Let’s dive into some of this month’s questions. Isabelle wants to know the story on applying for a job and  “getting past the AI firewall when...