Craig Filek

Craig Filek is serial entrepreneur with 29 years of Men’s Work training, his leadership & facilitation skills were forged in the fire of empathic intuition with an eye for empowerment & flow.Billionaires, executives, founders & innovative teams around the world seek Craig’s guidance when making life-changing decisions. Connect with Craig at www.PurposeMapping.com/ageist

Midlife Journey for High-Achieving Men: Craig Filek

You’ve mentioned you work exclusively with successful men wondering ‘What’s next?’ but I’ve also heard you describe your clients as “high-achieving misfits…” Yeah, high-achieving misfits in transition. My father told me I should never say that because it might offend people. But it always brings a smile from the men who...

Guiding Men’s Midlife Transformation: Craig Filek

How do you help men understand and face the mosaic of pieces that make them up — some good, some bad? 175 years ago, Walt Whitman exclaimed: “I contain multitudes!”  Modern psychology is now proving that there is no singular self, but rather an interior constellation — often at odds within...

A Roadmap to Finding Men’s Purpose: Craig Filek

There are a number of groups and solutions for women in midlife, but very few for men. Men are a rather tough nut when it comes to moving forward in one’s midlife development and beyond. I had the opportunity to participate in The Genius Room, which is the heart...