What to Wear: The Caftan Edition

It’s getting autumnal in New York City, and I’m in my glory.  I love fall for all that it embodies. Boots. Chunky knits. Tights. It’s...

The Denim Download

Feeling down in the dumps about your wardrobe? Nothing can cure those doldrums like denim. A pair of on-trend jeans is like an instant...

The Jenna Effect

Ever since her J.Crew days, I have loved Jenna Lyons and her effortless style. Jenna is the whole package, from her undone button-downs to her...

How to Dress Over 50. Hint: Don’t Make It a Thing

A friend/creative partner/soul sister and I chat on the phone each morning. Over coffee, we discuss everything from politics to funny memes to Ozempic...

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