Magno Barros

Magno, founder of So50.org, curates travel experiences for those 50 and above. As a positive-aging advocate, he’s passionate about helping people find purpose and seek out new experiences.

Ice-Fishing: A Canadian Adventure

The older we get, the harder it is for us to add novelty to our lives. How about this: Picture going on a fishing adventure to Canada, right in the heart of winter, on a frozen lake; with it, a mix of fear and beauty. More than just a trip,...

Edge of the World: New Zealand’s North Island

New Zealand is a remote country — unless, like me, you live in Melbourne. Then, it's just a short 3-hour flight over the Pacific Ocean. This remoteness preserves the land's unique nature and culture. Carved by volcanoes and shaped into a home by the Māori for more than 700...