Kim Marshall

Kim S. Marshall has been at the forefront of the spa & wellness industry for over two decades, visiting spas from Turkey to Tahiti; from Italy to Indonesia and spearheading campaigns for the International Spa Association, Global Wellness Day and the Global Wellness Institute. Known as a ”Wellness Storyteller” on the cusp of industry trends, Kim created the Global Wellness Conversations Podcast in 2019 and since then has interviewed such luminaries as Blue Zone’s Dan Buettner and former member of the Whitehouse COVID Task Force, Dr. Deborah Birx.

My Wellness Stay at the Carillon in Miami

How many times have you been driving and you suddenly notice that the Maintenance Required light comes on and you hope against hope that it only means you need a routine oil change and that something bigger won’t be wrong with the car? That's how it often feels when you’re...

As Good As It Gets

Remember in As Good As It Gets when Jack Nicholson asks Diane Keaton why she always wears turtlenecks — even in the summer? Her instant reply was, “Because I like them!” but I think most ladies know there was probably another reason. Like the late writer extraordinaire Nora Ephron,...

A Wellness Know-It-All Sees the Light

Sometimes I really think I have Wellness Tourette’s Syndrome.  I’ve worked in the wellness industry for so long — accumulating nearly three decades of focusing on prevention and studying the effects of bad eating, lack of exercise and even bad posture — that when, for instance, I sit by...