Podcast. Peter Taunton, 58: Fitness Entrepreneur, Money Doesn’t Make the Man

Here in this time of global crises, some people are using their resources and positions to turn their backs on the rest of us. Peter is not one of them. A wonderful, open, positive, and optimistic man, he is also reflective that a self-driven life is not entirely satisfying. As someone who created considerable wealth for himself, and has now stepped back from his business, he talks about the joy of helping others in the way they most want to be helped.

Peter Taunton, a lifelong fitness professional, tremendously successful after 30 years of hard work having started Snap Fitness and Lift Brands, with thousands of gyms, is now re-evaluating what he wants his life to be about. His personal journey has been extraordinary. Having sold his company and stepped back, he is finding himself unfulfilled by the quest for money, and now he is all about helping others and giving back. As he says, “There is so much need out there; immerse yourself in giving back and you will find happiness.” Treasuring human connections, he is finding out what it means to live well, and it’s not about how many toys one has.

Since this is AGEIST, and we are massive health and fitness fans, we also talk to him about what that means to him now in a time of being homebound. We hope you enjoy the conversation, it was tremendously satisfying for me just speaking with him. Great guy. And ladies…he is single and looking to date. 

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