Modern Elder Academy: Now Offering a Digital Experience

Learn to navigate midlife transitions with resilience and adaptability by following the Modern Elder Academy's online program

Managing relationships, career, finances and health in midlife can be challenging. Add in a global pandemic and it can really feel like a crisis. It’s time we turn midlife into a calling.

MEA Online’s 8-week course offers experiential learning, growth, and connection with insightful tools to shift your mindset and create more resilience and adaptability, without having to travel. This is an opportunity to reframe weekends to prioritize you and create a new community to support you on this midlife journey. Participants will explore the most common transitions in midlife, and create a new roadmap to redefine your purpose and next phase of life.

For eight weeks, students will center, learn, reflect and connect with our core faculty, guest experts and guides, and an 8-person cohort of like-minded travelers. And each week you will meet one member of your group to cultivate new friendships and build community.

“Integrating MEA foundations with new online transition coursework is a game changer for our students,” founder Chip Conley.

MEA Online explores our unique wisdom at midlife. You know about IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional intelligence). Well, we’re on a learning path to TQ: Transitional Intelligence. Through the navigation of challenges at this time of life, we gain access to our deepest wisdom. Together.

The transitions of midlife are meant to be shared

The transitions of midlife are meant to be shared. And if you’re looking to create more resilience and adaptability (without having to travel), MEA’s new online program is inspired by the successful midlife programs offered at the Modern Elder Academy, with proprietary transition tools created solely for a digital environment.

MEA’s approach to helping people live a life that’s as deep and meaningful as it is long has gained quite a bit of attention and credibility and helped people shift their mindset on aging.

Initially inspired by the challenges Covid presented, MEA Online’s program focuses on how to effectively navigate transitions in midlife and later in an increasingly uncertain world while also creating a greater sense of purpose and a deep connection to community (what MEA calls “social wellness”). 

Using proprietary tools like transitional intelligence and digital intimacy to help design your new life coordinates, MEA has developed their in-person campus experiences into practices that translate beautifully online to help you feel empowered in optimizing your life path and impact in the world.

Class starts February 27th and runs until the end of April. They expect to fill up quickly, so if this sounds like a good fit for you, click here to learn more.



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