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Your Valentine’s Day Heart Health: ApoB

To keep my heart healthy, I have my ApoB level tested quarterly. If the test indicates something is off, I can do something about it.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope your heart is filled with love on this day. We also hope your heart is healthy. One of the best ways to know is to understand your ApoB level. This is a biomarker recently added to the InsideTracker Ultimate test, and is the most standardized and accurate predictor of heart disease risk. It directly measures the concentration of all potentially atherogenic particles. These particles can lead to plaque formation and restrict blood flow through your arteries, and we absolutely want to avoid that. According to the World Health Organization, the top three causes of death are heart disease, stroke, and obstructive pulmonary disease, all of which are related to restricting arterial blood flow. ApoB is more advanced than the standard cholesterol panel you’d receive from your physician. My doctor doesn’t run my ApoB in my yearly blood work, which is why every quarter I have it tested, along with 43 other essential blood-based biomarkers, through InsideTracker. The blood tech will even come to my house — super convenient.

Knowing your ApoB level can help you take action, because ApoB is modifiable through nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle habits. This is a marker we can do something about —the InsideTracker app will offer food and behavior suggestions to bring your levels down if need be. As we often say here, if we wish to improve something, we need to track it to see how well we are doing. 

Several years ago, I received a very unpleasant surprise in the blood work on my yearly physical. I was just plain lucky to have had a physical at the time, otherwise I could have had a very bad outcome. This is another reason for using InsideTracker regularly. With quarterly testing, I can stay on top of my inner health, and possibly have the chance to correct an issue that I may not know is brewing. Just as I want to know if my car is running low on oil before something critical occurs, I use InsideTracker to stay on top of my inner health. Imagine if one only checked any of the gauges on one’s car only once a year? Exactly why I keep close tabs on my biomarkers.

AGEIST readers receive 20% off all InsideTracker products at InsideTracker.com/AGEIST.  

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David Stewart
David is the founder and face of AGEIST. He is an expert on, and a passionate champion of the emerging global over-50 lifestyle. A dynamic speaker, he is available for panels, keynotes and informational talks at david@agei.st.

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