Science Research Wellness: How Cel² Nourishment Uses NMN to Promote Healthy Aging

Supplements can improve cell health and promote healthy aging, but not all supplements are created equal. We turn to those backed by science.

As we age, so do our cells. Making sure that our cells are stable, nourished, and easily renewed is the key to fighting off stress and promoting healthy aging. Stress-inducing factors like UV exposure, poor sleep, and high cortisol levels can all place stress on our cells and lead to premature aging and cell breakdown. While many supplements claim to improve cell health, it can be tough to find one that has the science to back it up.  

Science Research Wellness (SRW) is a biotechnology company from New Zealand that works with leading scientists to make supplements and epigenetic tests that support healthy cells and aging. Through supplements such as Cel² Nourishment that include powerhouse ingredients like NMN, SRW is supporting the areas of the cell that decline with age and offering you a powerful tool in aging healthily.

Cel² Nourishment

SRW offers a range of science-backed supplements designed to support cellular, neural, and muscular health for athletes, regular exercisers, and older individuals seeking to promote healthy aging. One of their best supplements for healthy aging is Cel² Nourishment, a supplement that promotes healthy cell energy levels and mitochondrial function as you get older.  

Cel² Nourishment is designed to support 3 out of the 9 functional areas of the cell that decline with age. These include energy production in the mitochondria, intercellular communication, and stem cell health. By working on these critical areas of the cell, Cel² Nourishment can offer foundational support as part of a preventative maintenance strategy for healthy aging. It also does wonders to support energy levels and cellular repair for people who exercise regularly or experience physical or mental fatigue.

The Science Behind Cel² and NMN

So, what is the science behind Cel² Nourishment and its healthy aging effects?  The supplement uses three main ingredients: Pterostilbene, Astaxanthin, and Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN). While each of these ingredients delivers its own key benefits, it’s NMN that provides the key to supporting the body’s natural levels of NAD+.  

As a direct precursor to NAD+, NMN offers our body a source to create more of this valuable coenzyme. NAD+ is a vital co-factor for cellular energy production, but our bodies’ levels of it tend to decrease over time. This leads to the disregulated protein activity of sirtuins, which are necessary to the function of mitochondria in our cells. As this happens, our energy levels go down and various cellular processes are impacted, including aging, cell death, metabolism, and inflammation. As over 300 research studies have shown, NMN does an excellent job at maintaining our NAD+ levels and improving cell health.

While many supplements include NMN as part of their aim to improve cell health, the cost of the ingredient is quite expensive. This is why so many supplements use only a small amount of NMN in combination with a wide range of other ingredients. As one of only three main ingredients, the NMN in Cel² Nourishment is the star of the show, working in conjunction with Pterostilbene and Astaxanthin to ensure your cells continue to function youthfully for years to come.

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