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New Year, New Brain, New You

BrainTap can produce deep relaxation and neuroplasticity with almost no user effort. And a flexible brain makes for a more pleasant day.

When the Buddhists say, “Change your mind,” they literally mean change how your mind is wired, which is what long-term meditation will do; it will change how the neurons in your brain work together. I was a daily meditator for some years before I started using a BrainTap. What I can tell you is that using a BrainTap is more accessible than learning to meditate, is more efficient in terms of time used, and it works just as well if not better for the effect I want.

BrainTap’s neuro-algorithm produces brainwave entrainment — the synchronization of brainwaves to a specialized sound — with basically no user effort. The result of this is full-spectrum brainwave activity; like going to Pilates for the brain. Each BrainTap session is encoded differently to ensure maximum neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections, resulting in a flexible and resilient brain. Just as having a flexible body is more enjoyable, having a flexible brain makes for a more pleasant day.

In addition to the sonic effects of braintapping, the BrainTap headset delivers gentle light pulses that travel through the retina and ear meridians, sending direct signals to the brain. Pulsing light, in the correct pattern and intensity, can produce levels of deep relaxation known to affect serotonin and endorphin levels, with an average increase of 21 percent, in one study. This is something I questioned, as it seemed unbelievable, but having read the science and having spoken to some of the top neuroscientists in the country, I have become a believer. The light pulses synergistically increase the effect of the tones, soundscapes, and verbal cues. This symmetry of sound and music shifts me from an alert beta wave state to a relaxed alpha wave state, or the even deeper and more creative theta. If I am doing a sleep prep session in the evening, it will help get me into a deep delta state for restorative sleep.

After using BrainTap daily for over 2 years, which is something in the neighborhood of a thousand sessions, there are a couple of notable effects. 

First, I am more willing to explore ideas and concepts that others bring to me without immediately dismissing them — a flexible brain is able to take in novel and sometimes challenging information. The other is that I smile — a lot. My general state is happiness. There is an overall feeling of being right with the world, that the current moment is a lovely one, and because I have a more pliable way of seeing the world, I can be more present with less judgment.

Having enjoyed both traditional meditation and BrainTap, I find that as long as I have access to my BrainTap headset, I will always choose it because it is just easier and just as effective at rewiring my brain. Of course, the Zen folks would say that effort is where the progress is; I prefer the most effective and efficient way to get my brain into that impactfully meditative state I desire. When I BrainTap a couple of times a day, I have an easier and happy day. There is less friction in my interactions, I’m less stressed, smile more, and I sleep better.

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David Stewart
David is the founder and face of AGEIST. He is an expert on, and a passionate champion of the emerging global over-50 lifestyle. A dynamic speaker, he is available for panels, keynotes and informational talks at david@agei.st.

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