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Mitochondrial Skincare and the Urolithin A Solution 

Mitopure has improved the way we feel and perform; now our skin can benefit from it too, with a science-backed skincare line for aging skin

As we get older, we go through normal changes that can cause our energy to decline.  Strenuous tasks get harder, fatigue can become common, and our endurance can start to dip. We aren’t willing to sit back and let these changes just happen. That’s why we make it a priority to stay optimized for as long as possible. 

We’ve written several times about Mitopure, the product made by Timeline Nutrition that enhanced endurance muscle recovery for our friend Gary, a devoted indoor cyclist in his late 50s. The key to Mitopure’s success lies in its ingredient Urolithin A, a natural postbiotic that promotes mitophagy and mitochondrial function. While we’ve witnessed the effects of Mitopure as a supplement to enhance athletic performance in older age, Timeline has also released a new skincare line meant to combat the effects of skin aging.

We talk a lot about the health of our physical bodies but just as our muscles may lose energy as we age, so do our skin cells. The older we get, the less efficient our skin cells become at renewing themselves from the inside. Because skin requires high energy production, this leads to increasing levels of oxidative stress and aging. Oxidative stress is further heightened by external factors such as sunlight or pollution. Using their signature ingredient Mitopure, Timeline has created several skincare products that can combat the aging process and keep your skin looking healthy and youthful for a little while longer. Finally. A science-backed skincare line for aging skin.

If you’re over 50, chances are you’ve seen hundreds of different creams and lotions advertised to “make you look younger” but what does that really mean? Are these products actually doing anything on the cellular level? What makes Timeline’s skincare products unique is their use of Mitopure, whose health benefits have been proven in over 300 published pre-clinical and clinical trials. By improving mitochondrial health and mitophagy levels, Mitopure decreases oxidative stress and makes it easier for the body to replace old skin cells. We love how Mitopure has improved our internal health and now there’s an opportunity to harness its powers topically. 

We all age but it is not the number of birthdays we have had, it is how many we will have in the future and how we can invest in our bodies now to pay the most dividends in the future. We know from our own experience how Mitopure has improved the way we feel and perform; we are very happy to see that the scientists at Timeline Nutrition have created a product with the same rigorous methodology that can now help our skin. 

Timeline has three skincare products made for all skin types and genders: the Night Cream, the Day Cream, and the Serum.  All three products include the ingredient Mitopure as well as ingredients such as an antioxidant shield, D-Panthenol, and caffeine. These ingredients work together to preserve moisture and minimize extrinsic damage on the skin.

The Night Cream is designed to help skin regenerate overnight, reducing wrinkle depth and improving skin hydration. The Day Cream is designed for use in the morning, re-energizing the skin and powering up cell renewal for brighter, more even-looking skin. Lastly, the Serum provides a deep, instant tightening and lifting feeling to create a visibly firmer complexion. This highly concentrated, lightweight formation will absorb fast on the skin and leave your skin with a soft, velvety feeling.

Learn more about Mitopure and its re-energizing effect on cells here. Use code AGEIST at checkout for 10% off your first order.

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  1. “Finally. A science-backed skincare line for aging skin.”
    OneSkin is such a line. They’ve been on the market for several years.


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