If You Want a Healthy Immune System, Listen to Your Gut

The key to a healthy immune system is a healthy gut, and there is a simple way we can support the health of immune cells throughout the body

Whether you’re suffering from a winter cold or picking up the flu that’s been working its way through the office, there’s nothing worse than being knocked flat on your back for a week or two while your body recovers. There are plenty of preventative measures we can take to avoid getting sick: wearing masks, washing our hands, and avoiding crowded places when flu levels are at their highest. But there’s another way to keep healthy: by boosting your immune system.

It takes a lot for your immune system to fight off illness. The amount of energy and resources it takes to generate an immune response can wipe us out, which is why we often feel so fatigued when we’re sick. On top of that, plenty of factors can inhibit our immune system: getting older, not getting enough sleep, and high levels of stress can all impact our ability to recover from injury or illness. We can try to make sure we get sufficient sleep, but offsetting the effects of age on the immune system is harder. What we can do is take care of our immune system and allow it to do its job.

In order to support our immune system, we have to know where it’s at. Surprisingly, 70-80% of our immune system is located in the gut. Our gut microbiome affects more than just digestion – our immune system, central nervous system, and even our mental health can all be impacted by our gut health. The key to a healthy immune system is a healthy gut. One way to do this is to eat healthy foods with plenty of fiber and avoid processed foods and refined sugar. Another way is to take supplements that work in the gut to support the health of immune cells throughout the body.

Our favorite is SRW’s Imm¹ Defence. It supports the immune system via the gut, working with the antibodies that the immune system produces. These antibodies bind with the body’s foreign invaders, triggering a series of actions that helps support recovery.  Imm¹ also supports the function of immune cells and ensures normal histamine levels throughout the body. While the science behind it may be complex, the process is simple: take 2 capsules a day with food and you can rest easy knowing your immune system has the support it needs to fight off illness.

While Imm¹ supports your immune system, it’s also good at helping you recover from injury after a workout. If you’re an athlete or just love the outdoors, it’s a great way to reduce recovery time after a workout and mitigate some of the decline you get with age.  Check it out if you’re looking for something to give your immune system a boost and recover faster from illness or injury.

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