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How This Company Is Slowing the Aging Process

Aging is inevitable, but how we age is largely based on our choices. While lifespans are increasing, healthspans are lagging. What is the point of living longer if we aren’t living better and healthier during those extra years? Science Research Wellness (SRW) Labs has made it their mission to empower people to age better and reach their full potential.

SRW Labs is a booming, innovative company out of New Zealand curating the very latest in science to bring formulations to help people age well. The company works with global experts who have spent their entire careers studying the latest in science, research, and wellness — and now they are bringing that knowledge together for us. Their mission is to transform the way we experience aging. With an incredible over $91M in GMV (Gross Merchant Value) in just 18 months, its products are clearly meeting a need.

SRW’s approach is unique; they are targeting the well-known 9 Hallmarks of Aging, which are widely accepted by the science community and were originally the focus of the groundbreaking 2013 scientific paper published in Cell, the leading experimental biology journal. 

As we age, our cells change. These are the 9 areas of the cell that change with age. 

  1. Genes: These are made up of sections of DNA. Your genes are turned off and on as needed by small molecular modifications to our DNA.
  1. DNA: Your cellular instruction set. Your environment and lifestyle cause accidental damage to DNA tens of thousands of times per cell, per day. Your cells have inbuilt mechanisms to repair this damage.
  2. Telomeres: These are protective caps of your DNA that shorten over time, and which act as a cellular reproductive clock.
  3. Mitochondria: These are our cellular power stations. They produce energy for your cells to function, grow and repair.
  4. Intercellular communication: This is how your cells transfer information between themselves and around the body.
  5. Stem cells: These are special reserves that replenish cells as they are needed in your body.
  6. Cellular turnover and recycling: Every cell has a shelf life. At the end of their productive life, they should be detected by your system, removed, and recycled.
  7. Nutrient sensing: This is how your cells detect and react to nutrients in your body.
  8. Protein folding and formation: Used for a variety of cellular functions — without them your cells cannot operate.

SRW’s Cellular System Range supports your cells’ natural ability to defend against these hallmarks. SRW’s luminary-studded Science Advisory Board carefully formulates their range of supplements to target cellular health and aging. The ingredients and formulations have been validated in scientific studies including an independent study by Trinity Bioactives, released in October 2022, into the effects of oxidative stress on cellular functions and health.

The in-vitro data not only shows that Cel1 and Cel2 improve cell survival and DNA conservation under oxidative conditions but are also twice as effective (with statistical significance) at inhibiting DNA damage compared to Vitamin E – a well-known, common antioxidant. “The Cel1 results were remarkable,” says Dr. Paul Davis, Director of Research at Trinity Bioactives. “Skin fibroblasts treated with Cel1 were better able to resist the effects of oxidative stress. Their survival was improved by 77%.” “Meanwhile, the Cel2 results were simply astonishing. Cel2 was able to stimulate the growth of skin fibroblasts after they had been exposed to oxidative damage. Their concentration was 150% greater, which is extraordinary.”

Cel¹ Stability supports DNA structure and function, normal gene function, and telomeres.

Cel² Nourishment supports energy production in the mitochondria, intercellular communication, and stem cell health.

Cel³ Renewal supports the detection and recycling of senescent cells, healthy protein folding and formation and helping cells to detect and respond to nutrients.

SRW acknowledges that achieving a long healthspan is more likely when long-term positive lifestyle changes are made so, in addition to their line of supplements, SRW seeks to educate people on the lifestyle factors that influence aging and, more importantly, biological age. They arm people with the tools and information they’ll need for the best chance at having a long and healthy life. Some of the science-based educational content they provide includes:

  • Stress and mindset management
  • Nutritional advice
  • Exercise suggestions
  • Optimal sleep management
  • Unhealthy habit management
  • New research relating to ingredients

SRW nutraceuticals are formulated and manufactured in New Zealand, and are produced in GMP certified facilities. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification has been used in pharmaceutical manufacturing for over 50 years. Strict GMP procedures ensure all products have the correct identity, strength, purity, and quality. They are committed to minimizing environmental impact, through sustainable packaging decisions and carbon offsetting contributions to CarbonClick.

They feel so strongly about the quality and efficacy of their products to help people age younger with confidence, that they have a money back guarantee. If someone is not satisfied with their product after 90 days of taking the supplement range, you may request a full refund. 

Want to try SRW for yourself? One can take a simple quiz and get a personalized recommendation of the most appropriate supplements for them. We are not all the same, and SRW feels there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

See medical disclaimer below. ↓


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