A Better Multivitamin Post-Menopause

When it comes to vitamins, quality is more important than quantity. Ritual vitamins provide only what is needed to support a woman's healthy diet.

The multivitamin is a traditional staple in families across the globe. For far too long, a common approach to vitamins has been, quantity over quality. With people selecting bottles from the grocery aisle that read, “now with more nutrients than before!” Thinking to themselves, “the more nutrients the better right?” But is getting more nutrients actually better, considering we already get a variety of nutrients and vitamins from the foods we eat? Perhaps, just maybe it’s not about more nutrients, but instead, it’s about our bodies absorbing sufficient, quality nutrients. It isn’t necessary to overfill our bodies with nutrients, but rather we should look towards helping fill nutrient gaps in our diet with vitamin supplements made from high-quality ingredients in forms our bodies can actually absorb. 

This is why Kat created Ritual. Katerina Schneider and her team of scientists and researchers created a multivitamin from the ground up. Their idea was as revolutionary as it was simple. Create a clean multivitamin to help fill gaps in a woman’s existing diet. The result of their initial efforts was Essential for Women, soon after came Essential Prenatal and finally today we have their newest multivitamin, Essential for Women 50+

Essential for Women 50+ provides women over 50 with nutrients needed post-menopause. Research shows women are getting most of their nutritional needs from their food. However, some nutrients can be hard to get from food alone. Still these nutrients continue to be an important factor in support a woman’s health. The Ritual science team focused on filling these gaps.

 “We included nutrients that women were commonly not getting enough of from their diets. Nutrition is not just about what we eat, it is about how the body processes it, and how nutrients work together. We looked at all this in designing Ritual Women’s 50+. We developed the product through a food first philosophy. We looked at the data on how much of their nutrients they were getting from their diet and food. Because if they are already getting enough from their food, we don’t need to provide that in a supplement.” Dr. Mastaneh Sharafi, Ph.D.

Kat and her team scoured the globe to find quality ingredients in forms the body could utilize and absorb. Because why take in nutrients that aren’t truly necessary? Ritual included 8 nutrients as opposed to what you might see in other traditional multivitamins. They left out shady additives, fillers, and colorants remaining true to their mission of being clean and transparent with their product and with their customers. Ritual now officially offers a product for women in every phase of life. Because all women should know what they’re putting into their bodies and why.

Read more here about Ritual’s vegan-certified, non-GMO, gluten and allergen-free ingredients, and where they are sustainably sourced from. 

 Check out their multivitamins here and give them a try risk-free. 

This post is thoughtfully sponsored by Ritual.


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