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Cultivating Sexual Energy Part 2: For Men

Taoist sexuality for men focuses on staying in sync with your partner to reach new heights of pleasure.

Cultivating sexual energy is an asset for any man. If you want to take your lovemaking to new heights and bring your woman to the moon and back, controlling your sexual energy is paramount.

Taoist Sexuality Can Harness a Man’s Sexual Power

Women have an infinite ability to receive and achieve orgasm, and the male physiology limits him. Because of these differences between men and women, Taoist sexuality has taken the focus away from the immediate gratification of the male and instead turned towards the pleasuring of the woman. But before you get all riled up, not to worry, the delayed gratification can take a man into spheres you hadn’t realized existed. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like you are the best lover your woman has ever had? The practices of Taoist sexuality can transform you from an average lover to one your woman cannot get enough of.

As we age, our bodies change, and one of the changes is how quickly we heat up. Women need more time to allow their bodies to catch up with their passion.

Staying in Sync With Your Partner

Men, if they have not learned to harness the power of their sexuality and instead rely on a pill to artificially stimulate them, while it may be a temporarily pleasurable experience, it can have detrimental effects on their overall health. Depleting reserves may leave their system compromised.

In addition, a man using an artificial stimulant will be out of rhythm with a woman on a natural endorphin high. Even though women feel their desires racing, many can become disheartened about sex because of an overzealous partner. They cannot keep up the pace.

However, through the Taoist sexuality practice, gone is the desired goal of a rushed orgasm and in its place waves of pleasure, ebbing and flowing, climbing higher with each ecstasy your partner reaches.

It may feel tedious at first, yet the Taoist exercises developed over thousands of years have proven to assist your sexual prowess as well as create an arena to connect with your woman on a deep and fulfilling journey into the realms of pleasure.

Taoist Practice and a Toned Pelvic Floor


Gentlemen, your manhood can use a tune-up.

A healthy, toned pelvic floor is the root of a man’s health. Numerous nerve endings, arteries, and veins run through the pelvis. Consequently, if this area is not toned, or if the energy is blocked and cannot circulate fluidly, the organs, and, ultimately, the entire body will be affected.

Amongst older men, this can become a problem — especially where pelvic and rectal muscles become flaccid.

The ultimate control a man can achieve is that of his ejaculation. Not to be mistaken with achieving orgasm, a man can experience orgasm without losing his sperm. This begins with the control of his manhood. 

The Testicle Breathing exercise massages and stimulates the pelvic region through breath and contraction of muscles. By mastering the art of contracting your family jewels, vital energy is drawn back towards the testicles, and you will be on your way to harnessing your inner sexual power. Not only will it benefit your sexual prowess, but it is also vital in nourishing and healing your body, specifically your spine, nervous system, brain, and sexual organ.

To begin, sit upright and relaxed, in a chair, wearing loose pants. If you are comfortable, you can practice this in the buff. Press feet firmly on the floor with palms on your knees and your genitals free, not in contact with the chair. Press your tongue on your upper palate and your chin to your chest. Focus on your scrotum. 

Inhale through your nose slowly, and contract your pelvic muscles. While inhaling, visualize your breath filling your testicles and then draw them towards your body with your breath. You may not be able to move them at first physically, so just use your visualization to do it energetically. Ultimately you will achieve control over their movement.

Retain your breath for as long as you feel comfortable, and then as you exhale relax the pelvic area completely. Continue this pattern of breathing in a series of nine breaths. Take a break and perform another three to six sets of nine breaths.

This powerful flow of energy will accelerate your blood circulation in the pelvic area. Use your mind to determine the movement of the testicles, not the contraction of the anal sphincters, and work on keeping your abdomen still. Focus on making the inhale, contraction, relaxation, and exhale as fluid as possible.

The Taoist practice has many exercises to master, some to be practiced alone and others with a willing and knowing partner. Cultivating of sexual energy transforms it from a physical act to a spiritual experience, deepening a connection with your partner and taking you both to extraordinary heights. Are you willing to give it a go?

“At heart, most men are as terrified of women’s infinite sexual capacity as they are fascinated by it. ”

― Mantak Chia, Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy

Charisse Glenn: Casting Director, International Equestrian, and Creator of The Let Go 
I am an advocate for being who we are at any age. Today is the youngest we will ever be again.
Photo credit: James Reese
HMU: Joanna Wood
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