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Balance Your Gut & Improve Your Health Now

The health of our gut informs the rest of our body, from our brain, our immune system, our performance, and more. Here is how I balanced my gut and improved my health.

Many of you may assume I am the poster child for health, and true I do really work at it. Despite this, I have had ongoing gut issues for a couple of years, a few of which have landed me in the ER. Not fun. I have had parasite tests, bacteria tests, food allergy tests, food sensitivity tests and even have spoken to a “healer” who proclaimed my problem to be due to toxic mold. That last one cost me another chunk of cash to have the entire house tested for mold, of which there was none. Nothing worked, and none of the gastrointestinal docs could offer anything useful besides meds for symptom treatment. What is the cause, we have no idea…..

Then I discovered Viome with its mRNA technology for understanding what exactly is in my gut that may be causing me issues. The gut, as Dr. Emeran Mayer, professor of gastroenterology at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, told us on the SuperAge podcast, is incredibly complex. Utilizing the latest mRNA sequencing technology, Viome assesses the body’s systems to see how they work together and impact each other, which is key to understanding more about health and how we feel.

I took the Health Intelligence test which was an easy at-home test. Three weeks later my results came to me on the Viome app. The first thing that caught my attention was “Foods to Avoid”, and why. It included several foods that I eat almost daily- for instance, blueberries. The issue was not that I had a problem with the berries; it was that my gut contained blueberry shock virus, which by being fed blueberries, was contributing to my gut dysbiosis. Gut imbalance or dysbiosis is when bacteria, viruses and fungi in the gut are no longer acting in harmony, causing all manner of problems. There were about a dozen foods on that list that were contributing to the problem including tomatoes, trout and green beans. There were also about a dozen foods in the “My Super Food” category that when eaten regularly would help return my gut to optimum balance, including beets, celery and cranberry.

David’s foods to avoid.
David’s superfoods.

Making no other changes to my diet other than eating more in the Super Food category and eliminating the foods to be avoided, my gut after just 3 days felt remarkably better. This is no joke, this really happened and it is why I feel strongly that everyone should take a Viome test. These are issues that to my knowledge are not being picked up in any other way. A majority of people out there have some sort of sub-optimal gut condition. As we often point out here, there is a direct relationship between the gut’s health and the brain’s long-term health. Furthermore, poor gut health will have systemic effects on the entire body. “What happens in the gut does not stay in the gut. It goes through various signaling molecules to every part of the body.”, as Dr. Emeran Mayer told me on the SuperAge podcast.

Even if you are someone like me who is driven to understand these things, there is a very good chance you are just guessing at what could be a solution. Guessing did not work well for me, and I would never have guessed the issue had a solution as simple as Viome gave me. It was a personalized prescription to avoid foods that are specific to me and my current gut condition, and add foods that would contribute to my gut health. Simple.

Viome gave me a window into a critical area of health using an advanced technology that to my knowledge is unique. To make the Viome test more affordable for our readers we have secured a discount. You can save $30 by using the code “AGEIST” at checkout here.

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  1. THANK YOU for posting this! I am definitely going to order the kit– have been learning more about the gut recently and would love to see my specific food list!!


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