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8 Reasons Why We Love Ritual Multivitamins for Women Over 50

We are so proud to have been chosen as the launch partner for Ritual’s new Essential for Women 50+ multivitamin. Before making our decision we researched them, we spoke to their scientists, and we investigated how they source their ingredients. The result? We have a massive crush on Ritual. They have taken an entirely fresh look at supplements, nutrients included and how we buy them. They understood from the beginning that women over 50 have different nutritional needs and they set out to make a multivitamin for those needs specifically. 

 Here are some reasons we love Ritual Essential for Women 50+:

  1. They rethought the Women’s 50+ multivitamin from top to bottom. They used a four-step methodology. First, they looked at the national data from the nutritional intake database to understand what people were eating and what the common gaps are. Next, they examined specific diets and lifestyle. Then, they looked at the genetic variations in people that can impact nutrient absorption and processes. Finally they looked at biomarker studies and how nutrients work together. Thorough, very very thorough.They use this 4-steps for all their products. They recently completed a double-blind placebo controlled-trial on their Essential for Women product- a level of thoroughness we typically don’t see in the vitamin industry.
  2. Ritual took a food-first approach. Most people get plenty of nutrients from the foods they eat every day. So, it is just a question of helping fill in the gaps. They have looked at common nutrient gaps and designed a product for women over 50 to address what they need.
  3. They sourced high quality ingredients. Rather than sparing the cost, accessibility, and convenience they searched all over the globe to source high quality forms of nutrients that the body can actually absorb. 
  4. Ritual multivitamins are compatible with a variety of diets. Their ingredients are non-GMO, certified vegan, gluten and allergen-free.  
  5. Their delayed-release capsule is designed to dissolve later, in the small intestine for ideal absorption. This also means you can take Ritual on an empty stomach as the delayed-release capsule design is gentle on an empty stomach. 
  6. A Peppermint scent. Yum! Every bottle has a mint essenced tab, a refreshing touch to your 2 daily capsules. How nice is that?
  7. Monthly delivery. The beautiful Ritual package arrives monthly with a supply of capsules to last you a full 30 days. No more decision paralysis as you stare at the grocery store aisle packed with a variety of vitamins. No more swallowing a handful of supplements every day. Ritual is a smart elegant solution to help fill the gaps in our nutrition.
  8. Super modern look. Ok, the science is solid, it tastes good, but also it looks so pretty sitting on your counter! We just love how vibrant the multivitamins look through the clear modern bottle. We are all familiar with the boring and dated messaging and visuals around vitamins for people our age. Ritual avoids this, they designed a product for us, specifically to include us. This may seem minor, but anytime a brand makes us feel relevant it gets our attention. Hey look, it’s our friend Jocelyne Beaudoin who is their model!

We only endorse products we feel are on solid scientific ground. We dug deep with the Ritual team and are proud to be partners and share their new product, Essential for Women 50+ with you all. 

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