Grow a New Body: The Ultimate Wellness Experience With Six Senses

A wellness experience from Six Senses combines science and wisdom to transform and heal our physical, emotional and energy bodies.

On my wish list, Grow a New Body, a groundbreaking program from Six Senses. We first heard about it from wellness pioneer and Global Wellness ambassador Anna Bjurstam. What got our attention? Grow a New Body combines the latest in neuroscience with the ancient wisdom of shamans who see the body as a single, connected system. The goal: a complete reset, a major age slowdown, and long-lasting transformational change. Joyfully set among some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal. Courtesy of Six Senses.

A Reset of All of Your Bodies

What comes to mind when you hear the words Grow a New Body? Maybe it conjures all the things you want to fix about the one you have, like weight, or size, or strength, skin health, the way you deal with stress, that nagging sense that you could be feeling better, if only… But what if you look at the concept of body in a whole new way. What if your body extends beyond what you can see and feel physically, and what if, in fact, you have more than one body. This is one of the underlying premises of Grow a New Body. The program offers a scientifically and ancient-wisdom advanced protocol to detox and reset all of your bodies. Meaning, not just your physical body, but your emotional body and your energy body too.

“The physical body responds quickly, but the energy body takes more time,” says Anna. “It is the energy body, in fact, that organizes the physical body,” says Dr. Alberto Villoldo, the program’s co-creator, a medical anthropologist who has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and the Andes for more than 25 years. “We adjust the body but we don’t understand the field.”

The step into sacred energy asks you to embrace what can and cannot be seen and connect with the field of magnetic energy around you to clear toxic emotions and switch on your longevity genes. 

Six Senses Kapalanka, Turkey. Courtesy of Six Senses.

Switching On the Genes for Longevity

We all know about environmental toxins. Then there’s toxicity caused by unhealed emotions, limiting beliefs, constant overstimulation and an overactive fight-or-flight system. Dr. Villoldo invites us to take part in an experiment: stay on the progression of increased toxicity, which we are all on like or not, or be part of a control group that is changing it. Grow a New Body takes a holistic approach, combining a strict vegetarian diet, neuro-nutrients and supplements, vitamin/mineral IV infusions, LED sessions for mitochondrial stimulation and repair, shamanic energy sessions, and more. All of these things, with beauty, nature, and sublime care.

One life-changing story among many

When people complete Grow A New Body they look and feel different. From dramatic weight loss, to the end of chronic pain, to a new perspective that invites deep restoration. We know what physical weight loss looks like; what does a release of energy weight look like? Anna tells me the story of a woman (in her 70s) who, after years of therapy, was still greatly broken after her son’s suicide. Following the program, she had this to share: “If I would have only known that I could feel like this, at peace and positive, and that I didn’t have to go through these last two years of idiotic therapy. This has completely changed my life because I came to terms, and I saw the blame, the guilt, and I was able to release these things I was holding on to.”

Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal. Courtesy of Six Senses.

Resetting Your Aging Control Panel

What about aging? Perhaps this also deserves a rethink. Longevity research points to the fact that our bodies don’t “age.” At least not in the way we think they do. Much of the aging process is driven not by nature but by the stresses we put ourselves through, for example, the constant fight-or-flight, the consumption of too much sugar, workplace anxiety, etc. In a program like Grow a New Body, you are actually providing feedback to the controls for the aging process, recalibrating it to age slowly and joyfully. The way it is designed to. Science plus wisdom. Body plus mind. Spirit plus heart. All our bodies begin again.

Pyramid, Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal. Courtesy of Six Senses.

The Intel: Grow a New Body With Six Senses

Program length: Seven nights
Locations: Six Senses Kaplankaya, Turkey. Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal.
2021 Dates: Kaplankaya: October 2-8, October 9-15, October 16-22. Douro Valley: September 3-9
• Seven nights’ accommodation
• Full board including all neuro-nutrients and supplements
• Wellness screening
• Four shaman/energy medicine sessions
• Four oxygen altitude-training sessions
• Four LED sessions for mitochondrial stimulation and repair
• Four vitamin/mineral IV infusions
• Three Glutathione infusions
• Seven sessions of body work e.g. massage, scrubs and wraps, specialist treatments
• Six pre-recorded lectures with the master shaman, Dr. Alberto Villoldo
• Entry and exit energy-medicine evaluation with a world-class medical doctor
• Daily lecture and prevention education with the team doctor
• Daily group morning yoga, hike or walk and evening meditation

Video: Friends of Six Senses with Dr. Villoldo Grow a New Body

Video: Energy Medicine…Woo Woo or What?? Keynote at the 2019 Global Wellness Summit in Singapore with Anna Bjurstam, VP, Spas & Wellness, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas; Partner, Raison d’Etre, Sweden.



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