Cashew Dill Spread

This delicious, versatile alternative cheese spread is quick to make and uses common ingredients

I’ve messed around with making a variety of alternative cheeses, but I’m just not a fan of ingredients like tapioca flour or agar agar powder, etc. This recipe is my latest obsession because it’s so simple and incredibly delicious. Adding a bit of brine from your favorite fermented vegetable gives it a dose of healthy probiotics, too. To get the super creamy texture, however, you will need a bad-ass blender like Blendtec or a Vitamix. If you try making it in a food processor or a normal blender, the result will still be tasty, but the texture will be a bit grainy.



  1. After you drain your cashews, place in blender with the water, brine (or lemon) and salt. Blend on high for up to five minutes. You will likely have to scrape down the sides a few times, but try not to add more water or you will end up with a sauce instead of a spread.
  2. Place the cashew mixture in a glass bowl and let it sit out on your counter overnight. This step is totally optional, but I do love the funky, cheesy tang the extra day at room temp adds.
  3. When you are ready, add the chopped dill, taste and add more salt if needed. I love this spread on a piece of hearty rye bread or used as the base for a wrap filled with cucumbers, lettuce greens, roasted bell peppers, etc. My girls love it spread on potato chips or crackers.
  4. If you don’t like dill or just simply get tired of it, I also make this with cracked black pepper.

By Annie Brown. 


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