Holiday Fitness Fun From Hilary Rifkin

Hilary Rifkin, expert in fitness fun, shares tips for working out even in ill-suited spaces — like that Airbnb you booked for the summer.

If you are like me, a vacation doesn’t necessarily mean I want to just sit around on my chaise all day long. Holidays for me are a chance to hike, swim, try new workouts and, most especially, work out when I want to, not when my daily grind allows for it!

So what do we do when we arrive at our Airbnb and the in-home “gym” is a room with a bench? If your hotel gym is closed for renovation during peak time (you know that’s happened more than once!)? Or when the beach vacation is most definitely just that: a beach, a room, and a restaurant?

We break out our creative side and play with our fitness as a child might do when there isn’t a playground or a ball in sight.

The sand makes for incredible resistance and balance work.

An ottoman in your hotel can serve as your core and cardio challenge. Maybe there’s a local high school with a track? Grab a chair, a book, 2 water bottles, use your body (it most definitely weighs more than any dumbbell you will lift!)

But most importantly, have fun. Remember it’s your holiday: let the fitness serve as a head clearer, an energy booster, a mood lifter and a chance to explore the space around you.

Check out these videos for some inspo.


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