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Faces of Basis. Dr. Sarah Foster: Doctor and Athlete.

Sarah Foster, a ballet dancer turned neuroradiologist, shares why she takes Basis.

Basis customer for 4 years.
Meet Sarah Foster,  a Seattle-based neuroradiologist, who lives a very physically active lifestyle. Her background is as a dancer, having danced professionally with the San Francisco Ballet Company, The Boston Ballet Theater, and worked with Mikhail Baryshnikov. After decades of physical activity, exercise is hardwired into her day as much as eating and sleeping. Among her many activities are a dedicated yoga practice, which lead her to become a certified instructor. 
Because of her fine-tuned visual-spatial dance abilities, she discovered an aptitude for reading 3D imaging during medical school, where she had planned to eventually specialize in sports medicine. This has led her to her current career in neuroradiology — brain imaging. 

With any career in medicine, it is easy to tunnel into your discipline, to the point you where forget who you are. I have been trying hard to prioritize myself, and have gotten very involved in yoga, pilates, and meditation. These are things that keep my soul alive in a way that my career doesn’t. My identity is so linked to dance that I think of myself as a dancer who is now a doctor, rather than a doctor who was a dancer. For me to feel like Sarah, I have to be able to move, to express myself.

“I have been taking Basis for four years now and, clearly feeling the benefits, I intend to take it my entire life”

I have been really careful trying to find a balance for my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being that feels like me. This interest ties into the question of, “How do you age well?” When I started to hear about Elysium and Basis, I did some research on NAD+ and became very interested in mitochondrial function as a component of cellular aging. Interestingly, I found I could not get NAD+ as easily in my diet as with certain needed nutrients. So when Elysium put Basis out, I jumped on it.
I am very active, and after taking Basis for a couple of months, I noticed a few nice things because I am so attuned to my body. I have been taking Basis for four years now and am clearly feeling the benefits. I intend to take it my entire life.

“For me, having multiple Nobel laureates advise on their R&D says a lot”

There are other products out there, but I chose to take Basis because of the company, Elysium Health. They put together a team that is dedicated to producing this product simply because it’s good. I don’t feel they are there just to market something to make a profit. For me, having multiple Nobel Laureates advise on their R&D says a lot. They have invested time and effort into their products, in a way that is clearly all about the benefits.  Elysium carefully researched what is exactly the correct dose your cells need, rather than being like most supplements and saying, “This should cover it”. Everything about Elysium gives me the confidence that they are following the right procedures and the right science for our benefit.

They are not stopping with just Basis either; they are looking at areas where the body ages. Now with Matter, they are addressing what our brain needs. It is also wonderful that they have followed up with Index, which allows me to test my biological age versus chronological age. It is this constant testing and researching that instills a lot of trust in me with Elysium Health.
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