Cultivating Sexual Energy, Part One: For Women

This Taoist practice, for women, helps us cultivate sexual energy and find new heights of pleasure with a less-is-more approach.

Sexual energy can be seen as the most powerful kind of creative energy. Even if you choose not to procreate or if you engage in sex that would never lead to conception, you are co-creating an experience with another human being.

~Myisha Battle

Activities that were once invigorating can become more challenging as we age, like making love. There is a mindset that permeates our conceptions around sex, headlining with a fallacy that women over a certain age are no longer interested. 

There may be a grain of truth in these conceptions because we have not taken into account that as we age our bodies change and our energy levels may recede along with our physiology.

However, if we are desirous of continuing with a fulfilling sexual experience, yet feel overawed, we can adapt. The passions we may have lost along the way can be restarted with an open mind and a little creative effort.

Taoist Practice for Cultivating Sexual Energy

The Taoist practice for cultivating sexual energy is one pillar of the eight pillars of Taoist philosophy. This pillar is an ancient study that developed techniques to heighten the pleasure and spirituality of sexual intercourse. The practice teaches men and women how to channel their energy into a higher state of consciousness and simultaneously achieve the deepest levels of pleasure.

The journey becomes the highlight. Gone is the wham bam thank you, ma’am, and going for the climax; instead, it can become endless foreplay, with tantalizing interludes for hours and days. 

It is here that less becomes more than can be imagined

There is also a balance between effort and release. To control or do too much is when we need to learn to do less; it is here that less becomes more than can be imagined. Once we let go of our preconceived ideas and limiting minds, unlocking the doors to the deeper realms of consciousness can be achieved. The release of rigidity into the softness of surrender can transport us out of our bodies into a world where time ceases to exist.

Because a woman has infinite ability to receive and achieve orgasm, and the male physiology limits him, the Taoist practice shifts the focus on pleasing the female, and the male derives much satisfaction from this, often delaying his gratification for extended periods. We learn instead of vigorous exertion, we transcend into almost imperceptible movement, taking us each deeper into a state of bliss. It is in this state that it is the essence of the Taoist practice.

The exercises in these practices are very internal, and alone are an excellent place to start. The vagina is a muscle and, like any muscle, it needs exercise. Once we get over the embarrassment and our shyness, we can discover many beautiful things. Whether we have a man to further the practice with or not, is not essential. We can develop new heights of pleasure.

For Women

The benefits of practicing are twofold. Having mastery over the chambers of our womanness will allow for our orgasms to become more profound. And secondly, the vagina is connected to an intricate reflexology map that connects to different emotions and organ systems. For example, the cervix is connected to the heart, which is connected to the vagus nerve, the longest cranial nerve in our bodies. The vagus nerve is said to run up to our crown chakra. To stimulate our pleasure and our inner healing, we begin with the basics and the essential element, which is the control of our muscles.

Think of the chamber of your womanness as three parts, the first or opening third, the middle third, and the top third with the cervix at the crown.

We begin by learning to isolate and control each section. Get comfortable. I like to lie down. Start by focusing your attention on squeezing or contracting just the opening third. Once you succeed, keep it contracted while continuing to the middle. Holding both sections tight, move to the top third. Your entire womanness should be taut and contracted. Now go in reverse: release just the top third the top at the cervix, then the middle, and lastly, the opening. You can think of it as drawing the energy up to one section at a time, then releasing it in reverse. It could be equated to three-part breathing in some forms of pranayama.

Practice until it becomes a controlled and fluid movement. The strength of our womanness plays an integral part in the ability to engage in and experience heightened levels of arousal and pleasure.

Once we get the hang of this first step, we can begin practicing with a partner or with toys.

The Taoist techniques transform the physical into the spiritual. Once vigorous full-body exertion to attain your pleasure, now the physical efforts lessen, replaced with a profound and deep experience where your satisfaction is magnified a thousandfold.

Charisse Glenn: Casting Director, International Equestrian, and Creator of The Let Go 
I am an advocate for being who we are at any age. Today is the youngest we will ever be again.
Photo credit: James Reese
HMU: Joanna Wood




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