Aromatherapy: Methods, Recipes, & Safety. Part 2 of 2

What are the different methods of Aromatherapy?
The methods of aromatherapy are like simple, nourishing acts of self care. You can select the method that suits your situation, whether it be emotional or physical. 

Aromatherapy Methods

#1 Diffusing:
– Add 4-8 drops of EOs to water. As the EOs are volatile, they will vaporize into tiny aromatic molecules into the air, purifying and creating an ambiance that will affect your emotions and mind.

#2 Bathing:
– Adding essential oils to your bath can be such a sanctuary for yourself. It is a wonderful way to wind off your day and prepare your body + mind for a night of restorative sleep.
– Add 2 tablespoons of liquid soap and 2 tablespoons of base carrier oil such as jojoba to allow the EOs to disperse. Otherwise, you could find yourself feeling a bit of a burning sensation. For instance, citrus oils or peppermint — Ouch!!

#3 Body Boost Blend:
– It is the method where you will add EOs to a base carrier oil to create either a daily blend to strengthen your immunity, a relaxing bath blend, or one that you make for a headache, anxiety, or muscular aches.
– Add 5 drops of essential oils for every 10 ml of base carrier oil such as jojoba.
– MORNING RITUAL Each morning after a shower, apply Daily Body Boost Blend, caressing your body, stimulating your senses, and awakening your intuition.
– EVENING RITUAL Each evening after a warm shower, using a calming slowing down technique, soothe the nervous system and cortisol production whilst preparing your body for restorative sleep.

#4 A drop into your palms:
– Put a drop of EO on your palm and take 20 deep breaths to soothe your nervous system or to revitalize your mind. Because, did you know that EOs affect your mind within 7 seconds of smelling them? Just 7 seconds! Think of it: you can break the circuit of negative thinking, anxious moods, and feeling low within 7 seconds. 

#5 Add a drop to a tissue:
– It seems like magic, but do try this! If you are a woman, add a drop of your favorite essential oil on a tissue and insert it inside your bra. Men, tuck into a pocket on your shirt. It is especially good before a meeting for an instant mood lift or to help with congestion and colds.

#6 Inhalations:
– Yet another wonderful tool to use, especially if you are experiencing low spirits.
– Just sniff your favorite essential oil to feel a difference.
– There are more ways, but I’m sure inhalation is enough to get you started and lift your spirits high.

#7 Shower:
– After your usual cleansing routine, place 2-3 drops of a suggested essential oil or oil blend onto a wet cloth and rub this briskly over your body. Then, pat yourself dry.

#8 Footbath:
– Add 3-4 drops of essential oils to a large bowl of hot water.
– Add a tablespoon of carrier base oil to assist in dispersing the oils, then soak your feet for at least 20 minutes.
– You can add marbles and roll your feet over them for some reflexology at the same time. Bliss!

What is the best way to use essential oils?

What’s the best way to use essential oils?
This will depend on what you are using them for. Diffusing will affect your environment and hence your mood. It is best used for mental and emotional issues. It also purifies the air when someone in your house is sick. Body and face blends are great when you want to use them for physical symptoms such as aches, pains, bloating, nausea, or hormonal support.

Can essential oils be ingested?
This is a very controversial area and, to keep it brief, yes, you can ingest specific EOs but not by simply adding them to water and drinking. Because, oil does not mix with water, and when you take it with water it is as good as taking a drop of essential oil directly. Ingesting in this way can cause severe irritation to your esophagus. Instead, use veggie caps and base oil but, first, seek advice from a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist to get further guidance.

‘Taking Essential Oils internally is not advised unless under supervision of a Qualified professional.’ – IFA (International Federation Of Aromatherapy)

Are most oils supposed to be diluted?
The general rule is essential oils should be diluted when applied to the skin. There are a few exceptions, though. Direct use on skin: Some oils can be safely used directly on your skin, such as lavender on your temples, tea tree on a pimple, and lemon on a cut. 

Base Oils

What are base oils?
Carrier oils are used extensively in aromatherapy for topical applications using essential oils. They are used for various reasons:
– as a ‘carrier’ to dilute essential oils
– they create a synergy with the essential oils, enhancing overall therapeutic benefits
– therapeutically regenerative for healthy new skin cells
– non-toxic
– easily absorbed into your skin via the sebum as the molecules are permeable and do not clog pores

A few popular base oils are:
– Sweet Almond
– Avocado
– Evening Primrose
– Jojoba
– Apricot Kernel
– Borage
– Grapeseed
– Macadamia 

Essential Oils for Anxiety

Do essential oils help with mental health or anxiety?
Yes, yes! Essential oils are wonderful allies to have if you experience anxiety and stress symptoms. Essential oils affect the hypothalamus and limbic region of your brain, an area that deals with emotions, anger, hormones and more. 

Here are My Top 6 Anxiety treating oils:
1. Neroli
2. Bergamot
3. Orange
4. Frankincense
5. Rose Otto
6. Sandalwood

Essential Oil Recipes

Method: Simply add to a bath, a diffuser, or rub on your hands and inhale. 

INSOMNIA / Sleep Easy
Diffuse the following an hour before you go to bed:
Bergamot: 3 drops
Roman Chamomile: 2 drops
Lavender: 1 drop 

ANXIETY / I am free
Add the following to a tablespoon of jojoba. Then rub onto your stomach in a circular slow motion and do 5 deep, slow, long Buddha Belly breaths.
Bergamot: 4 drops
Neroli: 3 drops
Frankincense: 2 drops 

ENERGY / I am vital
Diffuse the following oils next to your desk:
Peppermint: 2 drops
Rosemary: 3 drops
Lemon: 3 drops  

DETOX / I am pure
Add the following to 30mls/1 oz of base oil (eg. almond oil) and massage your body after the morning shower.
Pink Grapefruit: 6 drops
Juniper: 4 drops
Cypress: 3 drops
Vetiver: 2 drops

COLDS / FLU / Breathe
Add the following to a diffuser and keep it near you. Or add to 30 mls/1 oz base oil and massage your chest and neck. Reapply as often as needed.
Lemon: 4 drops
Eucalyptus: 3 drops
Sandalwood: 2 drops
Peppermint: 1 drop

PMT / I am love
Add the following to 30ml/1 oz of base oil (eg. rose hip)
Rose 3%: 8 drops
Orange: 6 drops
Ylang Ylang: 3 drops

See medical disclaimer below. ↓


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