Review: The AER City Sling Bag

A smart fresh design for a needed product.

The short version: The City Sling is bombproof, supremely well designed, and just the right size for walking around town. A smart, fresh look at a needed product, great quality.

We have been following this company for a few months, having seen some of their products being used by our friends. Let’s talk about the design first. Ballistic Cordura nylon with heavy-duty buckles and webbing. High-quality zippers, one of which is weather sealed. There are 3 compartments, the larger of which has subdividing pockets, zippers, and nooks. This is one of the most thoughtfully and well-made bags I have ever used. I love it.

The bags are designed in San Francisco, led by AER founder Allen Choi, and responsibly made in China with an excellent, experienced manufacturer known for their high quality and craftsmanship. It shows as it feels like a luxury, technically-designed product.

When I am in a city, constantly on my mind is: How do I carry my camera? Typically, I have something small like my trusty Lumix GF-1 with me. I also wear glasses, have sunglasses, my phone, and always a couple of other odds and ends. The test for me was: Could all this fit in this tiny bag? The answer is yes, and I can also easily fit a bottle of my favorite Jao hand sanitizer.

For ladies this is easy, right? The handbag. But for us guys, it is either jacket pockets, not ideal if the temp is 90 degrees, or stuffing our possessions into pants pockets, which won’t work for anything more than a wallet and keys. I have been using the bag as an over-the-shoulder crossbody sling, which I like as I can easily access my stuff while walking. 

This is the sort of bag that says Tokyo, NYC Lower Manhattan, London — urban cool. For obvious reasons I have not been able to go to any of those places recently. I have, however, been testing it on mountain hikes around the town I am staying in. It’s awesome — the perfect size for my needs.

AER is a small Bay Area company doing great work. In these challenging times, we support smaller independent businesses. We hope you do also.


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