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Come Fly With Me: Flying in Style. A New Book by Jodi Peckman.

Jodi Peckman's new book Come Fly With Me celebrates the glamour of flying with images capturing icons and their spectacular travel style.

It’s hard to believe now, when almost everyone is in something akin to a stretchy onesie and getting from the curb to your seat on the plane can be an ordeal only slightly less trying than an arraignment, but flying used to be the epitome of glamour and people used to dress accordingly. (And we won’t even discuss the fact that travel in general is currently in a pandemic-related no-fly zone for most of us.)

Jet Set Style

Curated by the renowned photo editor Jodi Peckman, Come Fly With Me is an effervescent collection of icons who made the airport their runway and waiting for their plane an exceptional people-watching opportunity. Gathered over many years and spanning several decades, these images reflect the glamour of fame and the spontaneity of travel — glimpses of celebrities moving for a moment among us, their style documented by the paparazzi. From the Rolling Stones waving from the airstairs to Rihanna bustling incognito through the halls, and the likes of Muhammad Ali, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra in crisp, sometimes 3-piece suits, to Elton John in mink, or Taylor Swift in hot pants and chic over-the-knee boots, this is a fashionable reminder when we need it most of travel as an “occasion.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 13: Lady Gaga is seen at LAX on October 13, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

I know Jodi Peckman from my days as a photographer. She is an award-winning creative director, photo editor, and writer. In addition to thirty years working with Rolling Stone magazine, including more than fifteen as Photography Director, nearly a decade as Creative Director, and a role overseeing the magazine’s 50th-anniversary publication, she has given creative direction to everything from major record labels to television and film documentaries and has edited best-selling photo books on icons from Kurt Cobain to Michael Jackson.

“I never planned on doing a book. I collected these as kind of a hobby, I suppose”

Hi, Jodi. Love your new book. Great timing as, post-vaccine, we are like caged animals ready to spring out into the wilds of travel. So great to see the glamour you highlight. We need it so badly. What inspired you to do the book?

Marlon Brando, Paris Orly, 1959. Photograph by Roger Viollet via Getty Images, courtesy of Rizzoli

I never planned on doing a book. I collected these as kind of a hobby, I suppose. I didn’t realize how many I had until I opened the desktop folder one day. I thought they would make a great exhibition at an airport or in conjunction with an airline, which is the next step. Somewhere along the line I reversed that idea and decided to do a book first.

How long have you been working on the book?

I was researching it on and off for years. The time on the actual book from deal to finish was a couple of years.

Was it difficult getting the rights to the images?

Not at all; it’s all stock imagery.

Were there images you wanted but couldn’t get?

There were not.

Dolly Parton, London Heathrow, 1976

Where are you thinking of flying to this year?

I had a trip planned to Italy for May of 2020 but we know what happened to that. I’m not sure what will happen this year. I don’t see Europe in the future, which is where I’d really like to go.

I’m still too nervous to fly and Italy is a wasteland at this point. Actually, it may be a nice time to be there without all the tourists; it could be quiet, but of course so many places are still locked down. I’ve been out to Palm Springs a couple of times to visit family. Mostly I’m laying low on the travel for the moment.

“The people who dress up will always dress up. I’m not sure ‘Zoom style’ will affect travel style”

Which of the styles in the book do you most identify with?

Hmmmmm, I don’t really see my style in the book (probably most like Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen) but I guess for now (pandemic style) would be along the lines of the simple jeans look (Kate Moss/Cindy Crawford). I’m usually in jeans and a Yankee cap. Definitely not a unicorn onesie (Miley Cyrus).

Muhammad Ali, London Heathrow, 1967
Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Do you think after all this time living in Zoom casual, we will see people dress up for travel again?

The people who dress up will always dress up. I’m not sure “Zoom style” will affect travel style unless people are just deciding they want to dress purely for comfort from now on. Could happen.

Who would you rate as best dressed in the book?

Brigitte Bardot in the short skirt, high black boots — fantastic !!! I love that image and everything she is wearing. I might have dressed exactly like that back then.

And Muhammad Ali is absolutely stunning.

Travel Style Advice

We are headed to Greece in June. Linen shirt and trousers or tracksuit?

I think either; both work!

Thoughts on sunglasses in airports?

If you mean at night? Ridiculous.

Sort of a celeb signifier, or chic? 

Well, I always have prescription sunglasses on (not at night) so it’s hard to say, so I say chic!

When you land at CDG from JFK, is the first move croissant and coffee, or straight to the car?

Oh I wish I was landing there! I say croissant!

Joan Collins, London Heathrow, 1989
Dennis Stone/Shutterstock

How many suitcases are appropriate for a 2-week summer trip? 

If you’re Kim Kardashian, a limitless amount. If you’re the Pope, zero.

COME FLY WITH ME: FLYING IN STYLE. By Jodi Peckman, Foreword by Jason GayHardcover / 7.5” x 10” / 144 pages / 80 color and B&W photographs. $29.95 U.S. Rizzoli New York

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