5 Winter Gear Essentials From World-Walker Libby DeLana: No Such Thing as Bad Weather

Don't let the cold weather stop you from getting outside — bundle up. World-walker Libby DeLana shares her winter gear essentials.

There’s a Norwegian saying, “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!” which translates to “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!” In other words, no excuses!

To help us all get outside, we asked our favorite world-circumference-walking expert Libby DeLana to share her favorite high-performing winter gear picks. 

Libby DeLana not letting a little winter stop her

Libby’s Top Five Winter Essentials

1. Great shoes that fit well. I love Hokas, however it is important to find the shoes that work with YOUR feet. It is vital to take care of your feet.


2. I absolutely love my neck gaiter. It is an odd item to love but, for me, I feel safe/secure when I am warm, and that does it!


3. Reflective gloves. It is essential that you are visible.

4. I can’t live without my Petzl Swift headlamp. It goes with me everywhere.




5. Mini hip pack with chocolate, just because we all need chocolate with us, always.


Bonus essential: My down jacket; it feels like a hug.

Double bonus: Libby’s favorite podcasts to walk along with: Ologies, On Being, The Moth.


  1. I was interested to see your choices. I am a fellow Winter lover, Run, Hike,ski and snowshoe every day . Mine would have been different. At the very least I would ad a pair of Snow Trex as to be safe out there…and anything SmartWool to stay warm.

  2. Will you be in Chicago next week? That gear won’t even get you out the door!!! It is waaaaay beyond those clothes. Trust me I know and have been to REI and everywhere searching for what they wear to climb Everest or K2. That stuff is Spring in Chicago or late fall!

  3. Agree with the comments. Recommend some fleece lined Eddie Bauer Expedition pants. Uggs with cleats, sheepskin lined mittens, a boatload of hand warmers, Woolx underwear, t-shirt, and half zip necks. Down jacket that covers your bum and is WIND proof. I’d be quite chilly in this get up, and those shoes…what about the snow? Sorels or Uggs with ice cleats (Snow Trex) are a must. Hats, one Woolx beanie with another more fashionable hat on top of it, also a a Mad Bomber sheepskin hat for the coldest treks. I chose Woolx over Ibex because of the thickness, comfort and quality of the material. I live in Maine:)


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