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12 Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Real Woman

Mary P. Shriver’s irreverent post ” Because, I am not that chick. Because I am not the chick who craves jewelry from Zales, bad chocolate from Whitman’s or a cute, plush pink teddy bear. I have an adversarial relationship with all Hallmark holidays, and if you’re courting, dating or sleeping with me, you already know that.”

photo: Martyn Thompson

Samantha Dunn: “She’s the kind of woman who climbed the ladder of success wrong by wrong.”–Mae West www.samanthadunnwriter.com


Michaela Angela Davis, 54

“I identify as a grown-ass woman, not an old woman,” says 54-year-old Davis, whom the City of New York called a “trailblazer.” “It’s about finding the beauty of your time and expanding it and celebrating it.”

Michaela Angela Davis by Karston Tannis

xjeannexchun: When i turned 50, i did two things (1) get my aarp card and (2) tell everyone, anyone anywhere anytime that i was/am 50. gotta shake up the deep seeded idea, i.e., the *brand* of fifty year-old women. i am gonna turn 51 in a few weeks. ????‍♀️???

Becky Lewis says: so great, love the “grown ass woman”, she is not fading away. Own it!——————————————————————————————————–

Alta Utah, skiing is heaven.

Photo Robert Neubecker.

Chris Egan :My absolute favorite mountain. As noted in the article, a true “skier’s mountain.” I lived in Park City in 89-90 and the other mountains in the area were phenomenal, but nothing could hold a candle to Alta. And to top it off, I believe the lift tickets back then were $19 a day (cash only)! I’m 54 now and hope some day in the not too distant future to make it back to this skier’s heaven and a nice serving of “cold smoke”, a term the locals used to refer to the ultra-light powder. Cheers.

My age 60 Workout Routine

photo David Harry Stewart. AGEIST

That’s an impressive routine but I didn’t see much cardio. At age 60 I continue to be an extremely avid (and halfway competitive) cyclist, mostly gravel and cyclocross. I have always has a weight room routine as a component of my cycling focused training and have not had any injuries or muscle strains associated with over doing it in the gym. As you mentioned, your plan is your plan and everyone’s goals and objectives are unique to them.

Jdating in My 60s: ED Meds, Grandkids and Other Adventures

llustration Ezra Lemus for AGEIST

Jean Chanoy: The opener, so true… “When my late husband Eliot was on his deathbed, he predicted which of our friends would ask me out at his funeral.” My husband told me more less the same thing, I cried. But he was just looking out for me, which really eased the next chapter for me.

Sandra Cattaneo Adorno, 65, photographer

Sandra Cattaneo Adorno, AGEIST
 I just turned 60 and I retired from my job as an art director 20 + years and decided to take my camera and travel. It’s been so enlightening… there’s so much to explore and reading about your is inspiring!! I LOVE your work!! Brava!!
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