The Transformative Power of Rest: Sara Mednick, PhD

What is the balance of upstate and downstate? How can we optimize our recovery? When is the best time to do HIIT workouts? When is the best time to do strength training? How can we optimize our sleep? 

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Sara Mednick, PhD, professor and author, joins us on the SuperAge podcast to explain the upstate and the downstate and how we need both in order to live better. We also discuss the best times of day to workout, how to optimize our sleep, and the importance of recovery. 

“Every little cell in your body has a clock and it’s looking for consistencies, consistent patterns. So the more you stay consistent with something, eating behavior, exercise behavior, or even thinking, all of that stuff your body is paying attention to.” 

“The earlier you eat, the earlier your onset of melatonin, which is your sleep hormone, and the later you eat, the later the onset of melatonin. You’re going to be pushing your ‘I’m getting tired’ signals the later you eat.” 

“You should keep your feet and your hands outside of the covers when you’re sleeping because it’s the best way for the heat to be constantly leaving your system while keeping your core warm.”


00:00:00 Welcome to the SuperAge podcast

00:00:40 David’s upcoming travel plans

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00:03:49 David answers caller question about weight training

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00:09:45 Welcome Sara Mednick, PhD

00:11:40 What is the upstate and the downstate?

00:14:22 About HRV (heart rate variability)

00:23:52 Stress adaptation

00:26:12 Sleep and recovery 

00:28:57 Best time of day to do HIIT and strength training

00:33:42 Best time of day for brain performance

00:34:16 The importance of time restricted eating

00:42:33 When to do the sauna

00:47:09 HRV and inversions

00:49:17 Recap of the episode

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    • Hi Darlene, We currently don’t provide transcripts for our episodes. However, we have added timestamps in the descriptions of our podcasts so you can easily navigate the episode. I hope that helps!


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